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Synchronize JIRA instances with Backbone Issue Sync for Data Center

Matthias Gaiser

Matthias Gaiser
On March 23, 2017 about products backbone

Teams working on large-scale projects that span across departments and B2B borders need tools that enable everyone to be on the same page at the same time. With its latest release, Backbone Issue Sync 3.2 is now compatible with JIRA Data Center providing the uninterrupted stability and data synchronization enterprises need to ensure their teams keep moving forward.

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Best tool for creating employee handbooks – Confluence vs. Word

Anne-Katrin Hillebrand

Anne-Katrin Hillebrand
On March 7, 2017 about business-docs

Employee handbooks are a valuable resource for employees and employers alike. That's why it's important to make them accessible and keep them up-to-date. I have administered quite a few employee handbooks throughout my career, and this post explores the differences between the Microsoft Word-based approach I used in the past and my current, Confluence-based approach to writing employee handbooks.

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