Atlassian Summit 2016

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Atlassian Summit is underway. If you couldn't make it or want another perspective, delve into our impressions of Atlassian Summit 2016.

Each Summit Day started with a Keynote. Topics: Innovation in Team Collaboration & The Future of Teamwork in a Service-First World

So thrilled that Max Mancini, VP of Ecosystem at Atlassian, presented how Lufthansa uses our Scroll Add-Ons in the Atlassian Summit Keynote.

Lots and lots of great conversations at our booth.

Peaking interest in how BMW uses Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations in their documentation

After talking about how to increase team diversity at the 'Women in Tech' talk Katilyn Hova played a 3D-printed violin. A great example of why teams with diverse members can outperform homogeneous teams. :)

Thank you for helping us lift off to new heights. Until next year!