Improve Quality and Consistency

of Your Confluence Content

  • Guidance for authors inside the Confluence editor
  • Analyze and view page content quality with scorecards
  • Quality overview at a glance with the Acrolinx dashboard

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Delivering Confluence content

simpler and faster to the web

  • Create Viewports for your Confluence content.
  • Theme Development how it should be.
  • Design and sell your own Theme Add-ons

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One Confluence space,

many languages

  • Manage multiple languages in one space
  • Translate in Confluence
  • Integrate Translation Management Systems

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Manage your Documentation

in the Confluence Wiki

  • Multiple, concurrent versions
  • Support for context-sensitive help
  • Content reuse enhanced
  • Duplicate page titles and permalinks

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Wiki-based Documentation that works – with the Scroll Add-ons for Confluence.
K15t Software helps organizations around the world document what they do and what they build.

Technical Communication and Content Strategy

Get your team involved – Technical Communication with Confluence and Scroll Versions.

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Scroll Office makes office documentation more collaborative and fun.

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The Scroll Exporters turn Atlassian Confluence into the Single-source for your Content.

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I can't live without Scroll Wiki! Marie McGarry, Hyperic Documentation Writer from SpringSource Division of VMware

You get the best of both worlds [wiki-styled- and print documentation], and with excellent support. Robert Sanders, VP of Technology, (InComm / Zeevex)

Scroll is easy and nice, you are a good team! Katya Stepalina, SmartLabs LLC

Thank you again for the fast and thorough response! Your service is exceptional. Robert Sanders, VP of Technology, (InComm / Zeevex)

This plugin brings sophisticated version management to Confluence wiki [...] Great work, and a solid and polished implementation. Sarah Maddox

We are very pleased with the results so far so keep up the great work! Wim Boffé Software Engineer

You guys are just so enthusiastic and diligent. David Stephensen, QDT Management Consultants

Very good add-on, the best for export. Jozef Bombiak, CEO Vederie



September 15, 2015: AUG Karlsruhe – Karlsruhe, Germany

Atlassian User Group meet-up at 6:30 pm

September 23, 2015: K15t Software Office Warming Party – Stuttgart, Germany

Join us for the K15t Office Warming Party with Coding Culture talk by Atlassian Evangelist Sven Peters

September 29 - October 1st, 2015: TCUK 2015 – Glasgow, Scotland

Learn about DocOps in our talk "DocOps – Agile Content Development in Practise"

November 3 - November 5th, 2015: Summit 2015 – San Francisco, California

The largest gathering of Atlassian product experts, developers, and users

November 10 - November 12th, 2015:  tcworld conference 2015 – Stuttgart, Germany

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