Every Day We Do Our Best Work to Help Others Work Better Together.

Every Day We Do Our Best Work to Help Others Work Better Together. Illustration

Our Mission

Our mission is to amplify the Atlassian experience for everybody. We provide innovative apps and services that extend Atlassian products in over 5,000 organizations worldwide.

Our Scroll Apps for Confluence help teams author and manage content and documentation together, while Backbone synchronizes Jira issues across projects and instances for seamless inter-team collaboration.

Our Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner services help clients get the most from the Atlassian products for over 300,000 users worldwide.

Our People

This is us. We work together, we have fun together, and we share the same vision. Teamwork is built into our DNA.

Join us!

Our Values

These values guide our decisions, how we work together, and what we want to achieve.

Company Value — Care and Commit icon

Care and Commit

Change happens because someone sees a need and follows through. At K15t we care about what needs to happen, take the initiative, and commit to the team to get it done.
Company Value — Get To The Heart icon

Get To The Heart

Most of the things we do, we do for others. And what they really need is what we aim for. To get there we put ourselves in the position of our users and customers, and we address the heart of the matter.
Company Value — Be Fair, Be Frank icon

Be Fair, Be Frank

Trust is the foundation of our success. To earn it we communicate early, clearly, and openly, and we strive to make decisions that are fair for all sides.
Company Value — Make Great Better icon

Make Great Better

What’s great today will be average tomorrow. That’s why as a company, within our teams, and as individuals, we never stop challenging the status quo and asking how we can improve.
Company Value — Have Fun, Seriously icon

Have Fun, Seriously

We spend a good chunk of our time at work, and how we spend that time is very important – with inspiring teammates, doing interesting work, in an enjoyable environment. Yet we know our customers rely on what we do, and we always take that very seriously.

We live our values in many ways. Here are two.

Hacketse is our 24-hour, thrice-yearly hackathon. It’s been an important part of our company culture for many years, due to our belief in the innovation that a little time pressure and friendly competition can unleash. One of our Hacketse projects has even won Shipit Live at Atlassian Summit! Learn more about Hacketse in thisblog post.

K15t is a proud member of the global Pledge 1% movement. We do our part by allowing employees two paid working days per year to enhance and serve the communities in which we live and work – read more. We also donate licenses for our commercial app software to non-profit organizations free of charge.

Proudly built in Stuttgart and trusted by 5,000+ companies around the world

Our Partners

We’re only as good as the company we keep, so we keep only very good company.

We value our partner relationships and work closely together to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Want to join us as a partner? How to become a K15t partner → 

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