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Over 5000 organizations around the world use K15t Software’s solutions to enhance and expand the collaboration and content management capabilities of their Atlassian products. The Scroll Add-ons for Confluence let teams author and manage their content together, while Backbone for JIRA enables collaboration across departmental and B2B boundaries.

Founded in 2009 by Tobias Anstett and Stefan Kleineikenscheidt, K15t Software is an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner. In addition to their suite of popular add-ons, K15t helps clients run Atlassian products for over 100,000 users around the world. K15t Software powers painless collaboration.


Anja Drollinger
Anja Drollinger Designer
Anne-Katrin Hillebrand Anne-Katrin Hillebrand
Anne-Katrin Hillebrand HR Specialist
Candid Dauth Candid Dauth
Candid Dauth Software Developer
Christoffer Bromberg Christoffer Bromberg
Christoffer Bromberg Senior Software Engineer
Daria Huber Daria Huber
Daria Huber Software Engineer
Davin Pukulis Davin Pukulis
Davin Pukulis Director of Marketing
Eugen Krämer Eugen Krämer
Eugen Krämer Senior Consultant
Francesco Abbundo Francesco Abbundo
Francesco Abbundo Software Engineer
Jens Rutschmann
Jens Rutschmann Senior Software Engineer
Jérôme Sabot Jérôme Sabot
Jérôme Sabot VP of Sales
Laura Anderson Laura Anderson
Laura Anderson Content Marketing Manager
Lisa Akindele Lisa Akindele
Lisa Akindele Team Assistant
Manuel Evers Manuel Evers
Manuel Evers Senior Consultant
Martin Muzatko Martin Muzatko
Martin Muzatko Front-end Developer
Matthias Gaiser Matthias Gaiser
Matthias Gaiser Senior Software Engineer
Matthias Jupe Matthias Jupe
Matthias Jupe Consultant
Maximilian Hilbert
Maximilian Hilbert Software Engineer
Michael Rieger Michael Rieger
Michael Rieger Consultant
Milorad Mijatovic Milorad Mijatovic
Milorad Mijatovic COO
Nils Bier Nils Bier
Nils Bier Head of Customer Success
Pascal Offenhäusser Pascal Offenhäusser
Pascal Offenhäusser Consultant
Peter Bastian Peter Bastian
Peter Bastian Software Developer
Pierre Laaser Pierre Laaser
Pierre Laaser Consultant
Riku Haavisto Riku Haavisto
Riku Haavisto Software Engineer
Roman Serazhiev Roman Serazhiev
Roman Serazhiev QA Engineer
Sachin Mour Sachin Mour
Sachin Mour Software Engineer
Sarah Herrmann Sarah Herrmann
Sarah Herrmann Sales Assistant
Sebastian Hesse Sebastian Hesse
Sebastian Hesse Software Developer
Stefan Kleineikenscheidt Stefan Kleineikenscheidt
Stefan Kleineikenscheidt CEO
Svenja Bödecker Svenja Bödecker
Svenja Bödecker Marketing Manager
Tobias Anstett Tobias Anstett
Tobias Anstett CTO
Thomas Hirsch Thomas Hirsch
Thomas Hirsch Front-end Developer
Thomas Walker Thomas Walker
Thomas Walker Technical Content Developer
Tobias Haas Tobias Haas
Tobias Haas UX Designer
Victoria Armijo Victoria Armijo
Victoria Armijo Operations Specialist
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