We Created a Help Center in Confluence and You Can Too

At K15t, we collaborate on documentation for our products in Confluence and use Scroll Viewport to present it as a help center. With Scroll Viewport, you can create a custom theme to give your Confluence content a unique look and feel and display it online for your users.

We're always looking to help teams do more with their content using our powerful Confluence apps, so we've introduced a brand new theme in Scroll Viewport which you can see in action on the redesigned K15t Help Center.

Enhancing Our Documentation in Confluence with the Redesigned K15t Help Center

We've enhanced the experience of the K15t Help Center by creating a new Scroll Viewport theme. While designing the theme, we focused on some key things it needed to be able to do:

  • Present documentation for our multiple products, each in a Confluence space, within a single help center
  • Customize the look and feel of the site to align with our brand refresh
  • Integrate the help center with Google Analytics so we can continue to improve our content over time
  • Integrate with our customer support system so people can open a support case when they need more help

We're really excited to share the new help center with you:

The help center portal page has been rethought to put a larger focus on our products.

For each product, we've refocused the overview page to put the most helpful information front and center.

Help articles have been optimized for maximum reading space and quick navigation.

Help Centers in Confluence for Every Team

Throughout the project, we've been reminded that teams of all sizes collaborate on documentation in Confluence and want to offer a great help center for their users too.

So, to enable any team to create a custom help center, we've updated Scroll Viewport to include the new theme we created for the K15t Help Center. Unlike past themes, you can customize the Help Center theme by changing settings rather than writing code, so your team can quickly create a help center that's optimized for content findability and readability.

Don't think your help center has to look exactly like K15t's. You can tailor the help experience to fit with your brand and choose the spaces to include in your site. Customize the help center's colors, images, navigation, and layouts to create a unique help experience for your users.

Time to Create Your Help Center in Confluence

We're pleased to share the same tools your team uses to write documentation and customize your help center. We hope the K15t Help Center serves as an example of how much you can do with Scroll Viewport without the need for web development. We can't wait to see the help center you create.

Ready to create your help center?

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