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Formerly known as Atlassian Summit, Atlassian Team '21 is the premier conference for modern teamwork. Created for teams, by teams to help them unleash their potential.

The digital conference took place from April 28 - 30 2021. 

Proud Atlassian Foundation Sponsors

As part of Team '21, we were thrilled to be Atlassian Foundation Sponsors!

Our sponsorship money supported Fast Forward, an organization that invests in non-profits who use technology to accelerate social impact in industries from healthcare to education, human rights, sustainability, and more. 

From Summit Veterans to Team Newbies

As long-standing Atlassian Summit attendees and sponsors, our team has cast our eyes on and tuned our ears into many sessions over the years. We've given plenty of our own talks at past Summit events, and even lent a few K15t team members for an Atlassian talk on the main stage! 

So we're really excited to attend Team '21. Experiencing the talks from the comfort of our own homes will allow us to take some good notes from the sessions and pick up some new tips and tricks that we can apply to our teams. 

Here's What To Watch

Since Atlassian's server end-of-life announcement in 2020, it's safe to say that all things 'cloud' have been floating around in our heads.

Alongside the keynote sessions, it's the 'Journey to the cloud' track sessions and demos that we're particularly interested in attending.

Whether your team is just starting to think about your migration to the cloud, or have already made the move and are looking for tips on how to improve your setup, here are the sessions worth watching:

Track session: How server’s #1 fan became a cloud champion

"German-based venITure is an Atlassian Solution Partner with highly customized instances. It had always run its business on Atlassian server products before recently deciding to migrate to cloud. Hear about how moving to cloud impacted the team’s own ways of working and why they now believe that moving to SaaS is critical to staying competitive in the global business environment."

Track session: Migrating in a highly regulated environment: de Volksbank’s move to the cloud

"Curious why – and how – de Volksbank decided to make the move to cloud? From its founding in 1817, to preparing for the future on cloud, we’ll walk through all aspects of migrating within a highly regulated environment. Learn how to prepare, choose a migration strategy, and manage the project along the way."

Demo: How Confluence Cloud supercharges cross-functional collaboration

"The modern organization operates in an increasingly dynamic environment. Alignment and approval across multiple teams and stakeholders is necessary in order to succeed. How do we navigate this new world effectively? Join Dilani Kahawala, a product leader for Confluence Cloud and Harvard PhD, as she shares five tips from leading highly successful cross-functional product launches. Learn about top Confluence collaboration features you can use today to move teamwork forward and what's to come."

Demo: Cloud migration journey: the steps and strategies

"If you know a cloud migration is in your future, you’re in the right place. While every migration will be different, there are key steps, strategies, and tools that every organization should understand to ensure a successful move to cloud. See how to execute a cloud migration, as get best practices and tools to use along the way."

Demo: The top 5 tips for a successful Atlassian Cloud migration

"Migrating to Cloud doesn't need to be a difficult process. By putting these tips into practice, those leading the move can look forward to a successful migration process that drives promising results."

Gather Your Team

The K15t team can't wait to learn a thing or two from the awesome lineup of speakers at the first ever Atlassian Team '21.

There's no 'I' in 'team', so spread the word and get your colleagues involved!

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