Build Links Into Confluence Images With Scroll ImageMap

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K15t proudly introduces Scroll ImageMap 2.0, a handy add-on that brings Confluence images to life with multiple clickable link areas and mouseover tooltip regions. With its intuitive graphic editor, ImageMap makes it easy to define circles, rectangles, or complex polygons as clickable regions, and make your Confluence images an engaging, informative experience. Try it now for free on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Add multiple links to images precisely as needed

Draw multiple shapes on a single Confluence image to define clickable interactive areas or mouseover tooltip regions. Then link these shapes to other Confluence pages or to external URLs as desired. Pop-up tooltips can be specified with or without links, to support cases where simple messages without interactivity may be needed.

Draw interactive areas easily in any shape

It's simple to draw any shape you need – from squares and circles to complex polygons – directly onto your image. Control not only your image map regions, but also your image's display size and zoom level. The built-in editor is simple and intuitive to use, making it easy for team members of all experience levels to add interactivity and messages to Confluence images.

Create engaging, informative experiences for your teams

Turn your static images into interactive experiences in nearly limitless ways. Clickable menus, diagrams, org charts, UI mockups, and landing pages are only the beginning of the use-case possibilities. And with mouseover tooltips, you can give your team members context and transparency to help them better understand your content.

What about existing ImageMap Macro users?

In fairness to users of the unsupported free ImageMap macro, the original versions of the add-on for Confluence Server will still be available as a free download. Users of these legacy versions of ImageMap should refer to the release notes to determine which security considerations are present.

All existing users may request a 50% discount code to upgrade to the new Scroll ImageMap 2.0 until the end of 2016. The discount code request can be found at this link.

See it in action

You can click to try the new Scroll ImageMap add-on for Confluence now for free on the Atlassian Marketplace.