Kelly McDaniel: Migrating Documentation from Framemaker to Confluence (Video)

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Last week we had Information Developer and long term wiki-user Kelly McDaniel visiting us at our office in Stuttgart. Kelly was giving an inspiring talk about his story of migrating technical documentation from Adobe Framemaker to the Atlassian Confluence wiki. We have recorded Kelly's talk so everybody who was not able to join, can watch it online.

Immigration to Confluence

Kellys talk was called: "Immigration to Confluence: A Journey Through Foreign Customs" and he describes it himself as follows:

"This is the exciting saga of an adventurous explorer who, with great trepidation, traversed the arid Adobe Outback, through the darkness of Total Eclipse, to emerge, caked in Scrum, scarred, beaten, bruised, yet Agile, where the tributaries Collaboration, Knowledge Capital, and Information coursed the Straits of Budget to witness him navigate joyous and thankful to the delta of the Great Confluence."

And there is no better way to describe this awesome, inspiring and fun talk, but see it for yourself:

Who is Kelly McDaniel?

For everybody, who is interested in who Kelly is, what he is doing and how we met, see this post: Pushing Back the Frontier of Wiki-Based Documentation.

Are you interested in using Confluence for technical documentation?

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