Amplify Your Confluence Exports: Scroll PDF Exporter vs. Confluence's Native Exporter

Thomas Krug, a valued K15t customer and founder of the Karlsruhe Atlassian User Group, wrote a guest blog in 2013 in an effort to answer a frequently asked question: 'Why use Scroll PDF Exporter when Confluence already has a PDF exporter?' It's a question we still hear a lot today, so we've updated the post to reflect the latest version of the app and its features.

Confluence is a great platform for collaboratively managing content and documentation, but users inevitably reach a point where they need to share that content with their customers, partners, or others who don't have direct access to Confluence. 

Since PDF continues to be the go-to format for organizations to share and distribute business documents, it's essential that Confluence provide a quick and painless PDF export option. So this begs the question: If Confluence allows you to export content to PDF out of the box, why consider an app for the same purpose?

Confluence's Inbuilt Exporter vs. Scroll PDF Exporter

It's true, Confluence does offer this functionality, but the native export feature is limited. It works fine for basic exports, but requires some advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS in order to customize a PDF's appearance and export scope – a big blocker for businesses looking for more styling and administrative control over their exports.

In contrast, Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence offers a visual template editor that enables anyone to create and style beautiful, professional PDF templates and manage multiple templates at both a space and global level – no coding knowledge necessary.

So how do you decide if Scroll PDF Exporter is a better fit for your export needs over Confluence's inbuilt exporter? Here's how the two measure up:


Confluence PDF Exporter

Scroll PDF Exporter

Export to PDF


Visual template editor(error)(tick)
Manage your own templates at both the space and global level(error)(tick) 
Integrate with other Marketplace Apps

works with Comala Workflows


works with Scroll Versions


works with Scroll Translations

Modify the export behavior directly on a Confluence page(error)(tick)
Automate document export(error)(tick)
Define custom document placeholders and metadata(error)(tick)
Output hyperlinks as text (or suppress them)(error)(tick)
Include page numbers and manage captions relating to figures(error)(tick)
Available for Cloud, Server, and Data Center(tick)(tick)

Style Your Way

Scroll PDF Exporter offers three standard templates out of the box, but also lets you create and customize new templates – no coding knowledge necessary. The visual template editor allows for fine-grained control over template settings alongside a real-time preview to show you exactly how your styles will look in the export.

In the template editor, you'll find customization options like: 

  • Text and paragraph styles: Customize fonts, colors, headings, list styles, and more
  • Table styles: Define content styles, cell padding, background color, borders, and more
  • Macro styles: Style Confluence admonitions, panel macros, code block macros, and more 

Scroll PDF Exporter's WYSIWYG Template Designer

Export Your Way

The export process in Scroll PDF Exporter mirrors that of Confluence's native exporter, only with more control over which pages will be exported and with which template. Export directly from the tools menu on a Confluence page, select the desired template, and define whether you want to export a single page or the whole hierarchy.

Scroll PDF Exporter Export Scope

More customization options are also available, allowing you to include or exclude pages based on page labels, define hyperlink behavior, show or hide table and figure captions, and more. Take advantage of the Scroll macros that can be used directly on Confluence pages to easily modify the export behavior. 

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

Use placeholders to insert Confluence data like author, date, your company logo, and language which will then be replaced dynamically on export. You can also add static content such as a title page, an automatically generated table of contents or table of tables, custom pages. etc. You can also easily define your own custom placeholders using Confluence page properties.

Work Your Way

Keep your processes in place with control over what gets exported and when. 

  • Comala Workflows integration: If you're using Comala Workflows to manage your content review and approval process, Scroll PDF Exporter offers the option to export the last published version of a page, meaning only approved content will be exported.  
  • Compatible with other Scroll Apps: If you're using other Scroll apps for document management or technical documentation like Scroll DocumentsScroll Versions or Scroll Translations, you can count on a compatible export experience to help bring your documentation to life.
  • Automate your documentation export: Scroll PDF Exporter provides a REST API which can be used to automate your exports, for example, in nightly scheduled jobs to produce up-to-date PDFs.
  • Stellar support: Like any of K15t's Marketplace apps, Scroll PDF Exporter is backed by a responsive, highly-rated support and development team. We aim to release new versions twice a month and are always open to new feature and improvement requests. 

See for Yourself

Try Scroll PDF Exporter free for 30 days and see for yourself how it compares to Confluence's native exporter. 

Try Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence

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