Confluence 6 and Scroll Versions, Scroll Translations, Scroll Acrolinx Connector: Not Yet, But Soon

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Latest Information

K15t Software is proud to announce the release of Scroll Versions 3.4 and Scroll Translations 3.4. Both add-ons are now compatible with Confluence 6.


Updated December 21, 2016: It's no secret that Confluence 6.0 has introduced the highly anticipated collaborative editing feature, with much fanfare across the Atlassian ecosystem. Naturally, many are excited to update their Confluence version and start using it. This includes our team, and it probably includes yours too. However, Scroll Versions, Scroll Translations and Scroll Acrolinx Connector are not yet compatible with Confluence 6.0. For the time being, we strongly advise against updating to Confluence 6 if you use any of these add-ons. Updating may cause damage to your system.

Atlassian's team is actively working with our developers to realize a solution as soon as possible. In fact, Atlassian is particularly interested in this, as they themselves use Scroll Versions. Because we must be absolutely sure the solution meets our quality standards, we can't yet give an exact release date for the compatible versions. We can say however, that we're currently aiming for late January to mid-February 2017. As soon as we can provide you with a reliable release date, we will. Monitor this blog post, follow Scroll Add-Ons on Twitter, or watch this JIRA issue to get more accurate time-frame details as they become clear. Until the updated releases are live, we suggest you refrain from updating to Confluence 6 and continue to use your current version of Confluence.

Of course, these issues do not occur without reasons. Confluence 6's introduction of the collaborative editing feature, that allows multiple authors to simultaneously edit the same page, is the cause. The Atlassian team has worked very hard to make this possible, and the results are impressive. However, the Synchrony engine which enables this simultaneous editing runs a separate process on users' servers. From a developer's standpoint, it completely changes the way pages are created, edited, updated, and managed. Scroll Versions, Scroll Translations and Scroll Acrolinx Connector have been significantly affected by this. We ask humbly for your patience as we engineer the solutions in our products to handle these fundamental changes.

Updated February 14, 2017: Let us quickly give you a short update on the status of the compatibility: We are progressing towards our goal to release the compatible version and we have started with internal testing. Currently we do not have any more roadblocks to overcome, but we're still working on the compatibility and fixing minor issues with the new Confluence version.

Thanks for your patience. If there's anything else to share, we'll let you know via the JIRA Issue (VSN-3087 for Scroll VersionsVSN-2772 for Scroll Translations). If you «watch» Scroll Versions on Atlassian Marketplace, you will receive notifications when a new release/update comes out: (simply click «Watch Add-on» in the lower right corner).

Updated March 1, 2017: K15t Software is proud to announce the release of Scroll Versions 3.4 and  Scroll Translations 3.4 . Both add-ons are now compatible with Confluence 6. As of now we are in the testing phase for the Confluence 6 compatibility release for Scroll Acrolinx connector, which we hope to have completed within the next several days. Thank you very much for your patience during this process.