(Announcement) Wiki-based Documentation with Confluence 4.3 and Scroll Versions 1.1

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Are you looking for a good way to manage documentation in a wiki? Try Confluence 4.3 and Scroll Versions 1.1. The latest release Scroll Versions 1.1 comes with an additional reviewer role that is capable of reviewing versioned content. Also, the children macro has been adapted to work properly with Scroll Versions and the user interface is now also available in German.

Reviewer Role

In Scroll Versions 1.1 we introduce a new user role: The Reviewer. The Reviewer is a user who can see all existing versions of a space, but cannot edit.

Compatibility with the Children Macro

In version 1.1 the Children Macro would have displayed non-accurate information on versioned pages. In this release we have made the children macro compatible with Scroll Versions, so that the children macro works as expected on every page.

German Translation

For our largest, non-English-speaking market we are now providing Scroll Version with German translation.

See Scroll Versions in Action

Check out our Scroll Versions Screencast that demonstrates the duplicate page title and permalink feature in 1:53 min:

If you haven't seen the introduction of the Scroll Versions concurrent version management feature, you can view it here:

Available Today — Introductory Offer for a Limited Time

This is the first of many releases and to celebrate the release of Scroll Versions for Confluence we’re giving you 25% off the price. Get your license now. This is a limited offer.

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