Webinar - How CA Technologies Broke the Rules - The DocOps Approach to Agile Technical Content

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On December 16, James Turcotte, SVP, Business Unit Executive of CA Technologies, gave a presentation on how Computer Associates keeps product documentation updated and improves turn-over time.

In this presentation, James coined the term DocOps, describing it as the sibling of DevOps. Support agents, developers and, of course, technical communicators cooperate to deliver value to the customer. They do this by continuously improving documentation and knowledge management, even after release.

We are delighted that our very own Scroll Versions enabled them to manage their content in Confluence.

Scroll Content Management Add-ons to Create Agile Technical Content

CA Technologies’ goal is to develop technical content fast enough to keep pace with their agile development teams. To do this, they broke a few rules, and implemented the DocOps process.

Now, their multilingual DocOps platform runs on Atlassian Confluence, complemented by K15t Software's Scroll Content Management Add-ons, including the Scroll Acrolinx Connector, Scroll Versions, Scroll PDF Exporter and Scroll EPUB Exporter.

James Turcotte briefly outlined how CA uses Atlassian Confluence, and a number of third-party solutions, to create agile technical content. He charted CA’s progress to-date, and presented plans for the future.

He also answered questions including:

  • What caused CA to abandon a heavyweight CMS and replace it with a wiki?
  • How could a wiki possibly meet the needs of technical documentation?
  • How do writers feel about the new system?
  • Can other contributors, such as engineers, use the system too?
  • How quickly and easily can CA handle localization into 20 different languages?
  • What’s the experience like for customers?

Learn How CA Technologies Broke the Rules

Do you want to learn more about DocOps and how CA adopted it to enable agile development? Check out the recording of the webinar, including a Q&A.

Do you have questions about using Confluence and our Scroll add-ons to collaboratively manage agile technical content? We're glad to help – please drop us an email at  info@k15t.com.