Confluence 4.1 Available Today - Edit Like a Pro

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Good news for all Confluence users and Technical Writers out there: Confluence 4.1 has just arrived. Atlassian is making a huge christmas present by bringing Confluence 4.1 just in time for the holiday season. Confluence has some cool new features, that will make a lot of users really happy, not only the Technical Writers: Instant Autoconvert, professional Image Effects and the long awaited Find & Replace.

These new features will let you edit like a pro.

The new features are a big benefit for every Confluence user out there. But especially for Technical Writers and Technical Communicators they are extremely useful.

Let's start with the Instant Autoconvert. It makes it so easy to bring a wide range of content to your wiki and let it look way better than it ever did. The Confluence Instant Autoconvert really automates your editing experience and by that, lets you get things done faster. 
Imagine you just copy and paste the URL of a Confluence page to another page and what you get is a Confluence-Link – no more broken links to Confluence content! That sounds really good to me, thinking about the lots of links in our documentation. This works as well with Jira issues, Flickr photos, YouTube and Vimeo videos, Google Maps and screenshots taken using Skitch.

The new Image Effects lets you put cool effects to your images, screenshots or photos. With just one click on the image and one click on 'Effects' it is very easy to use and the results are stunning. With Image Effects your product release notes and documentation is not only informative, but also very good looking.

Have you ever tried to find and replace a bunch of terms in your wiki? It's a pain right? But not any more! Confluence 4.1 has you covered here as well. The new Find and Replace let's you find and replace terms and phrases faster than ever. This is a big benefit for everybody using Confluence.

Check out this really cool page Atlassian made to show all the improvements on Confluence 4.1: Edit like a pro - Confluence 4.1 (sorry, this content has been removed by its creator)

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