Essential Confluence Features For Effortless Teamwork

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It's no secret that we love Confluence. We use it to organize all of our business processes and documents because we believe Confluence makes us work together more effectively and successfully when creating, sharing and discussing all the content for our daily work. Our customers can vouch for that, too. Having all the information in one place makes searching for documents, discussing content, and managing knowledge convenient for everyone. Collaborating on content has never been easier or more transparent.

Atlassian is constantly working on new, useful features for Confluence. In this post, we'll discuss some of the most valuable features of the tool and talk about why you should use them.


When you want to discuss a piece of content with one of your teammates, Confluence lets us notify the people directly via @mentions. Mentioning your co-workers has gotten both easier and smarter over the years, but the bigger the company, the more confusing it can get when @mentioning someone to share content. That's why we like the improved mentioning feature: When you start typing a name, the first people to come up are your teammates and co-workers who you've recently shared something with. Smart, right? Since not every Confluence user needs to be searched, this makes the search much faster.

Another nice feature: When you start typing the name of someone you haven't tagged recently, their role on the page will also appear. This way you can easily differentiate based on contributors, commenters, and the author who first created the page.

Mentioning in Confluence


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Editing Confluence Attachments

We all love how easy it is to share and discuss files and documents in Confluence. The only thing that was very time-consuming in the past was editing the files that you or one of your co-workers attached to a Confluence page.

Atlassian fixed this and now offers a feature that lets you edit an attachment and save your changes without the hassle of downloading and re-uploading the file you need to adapt. This is such a time saver! All we need to do now is to hit the 'Edit with' button in the top right corner and then we can easily add the latest numbers to our spreadsheet or include a slide to a presentation we've been working on with our teammates.

Editing Confluence Attachments

Confluence Search Functionality

Another thing that makes working with Confluence so much more comfortable is the improved search functionality. The refined filters let you search in specific spaces or only include the type of content you're looking for.

Say I'm looking for an infographic that was created for an event in May, but I don't remember which event it was exactly. All I need to do is filter the results for the month of May and add the filter 'Attachment' because I know that the image was attached to the event page. 

Confluence Search Functionality


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Team Calendar Management

This function allows you to add items to your team calendar directly from your personal calendar, a feature we find super handy. Before, scheduling a meeting from two different calendars required quite a bit of unnecessary admin work and the step where you add your appointment to the team calendar was often skipped. Now, you set up your appointment from your Google, Mac, or Office Calendar and it's automatically synced with the team calendar. This way, you keep everyone on the same page.

Confluence Mobile App

Even if you work at your desk most of the time, chances are you're out of office every now and then and still want to stay connected to your team. That is why Atlassian introduced iOS and Android apps for Confluence Server and Data Center. Create and edit pages, receive notifications, and stay connected with your team.

Confluence Mobile App


The Confluence Cloud mobile app is great for consuming, editing or creating content on the go. Watch the video →

As you can see, we love Confluence for a variety of reasons and we're always on the lookout for new Confluence features on the horizon. Feel free to tell us about your favorite features in the comment section! 

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