A Cheat Sheet of Confluence Shortcuts: Free PDF Download

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Shortcuts in Confluence are a way to improve your content creation and prevent unnecessary switching between pages. The less your hands leave the keyboard, the faster you can be. We collected the most useful shortcuts for you on a cheat sheet that includes how to add emoticons and symbols and edit headings on the fly. 

"My favorite Confluence shortcut allows me to insert links and references to other Confluence pages easily: cmd + k. It became very useful and was a real time-saver when I was building the K15t website in Confluence and constantly needed to insert links to other pages or assets in the space." - Shannon Meehan, Product Marketing Manager at K15t

"When it comes to editing in Confluence, I like to use the "productivity combo", C to create a new page, Command+Shift+E to preview the page I'm working on, and Command+S to Save it. The preview one is very useful to easily check your page format while you are adding new contents. " - Jorge Merino, Product Specialist at Comalatech

"My productivity tip: "watch blogs". You can do this at two levels: 

  • a particular space
  • or your whole site (done via your personal settings) 
    Settings > Email > Subscribe to all blogs 

Why it helps me with my daily routine? 
Blogs are often used for people to share announcements, celebrate success or share learnings across an organisation. They're also used to help everyone in your company to bring their whole selves to work - given them a voice to share what they're thinking. Here are three reasons why I've got a lot of benefits from them: 

1. It reduces email and improves discussion
Instead of all the "reply all" people can watch the blogs they're interested in and follow along. If you're interested you can comment or react to blogs. 

2. It gives everyone in the context bigger context 
Because teams can easily link to content in Confluence for detail and do inline / contextual comments. 

3. It helps a large organisation feel like a small team 
When information flows freely, it makes it easier for everyone in your organisation understand the why and get context into decision making. If someone new starts, I can point them to prior blogs for context.

Next time you're about to send an email to a big CC or TO list, think about writing a blog instead." - Sherif Mansour, Distinguished Product Manager at Atlassian

Speed up your content creation by downloading a cheatsheet with these keyboard shortcuts: