Dev Together: Requirements Management with JIRA

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Last week we had the third Dev Together event at K15t Software. It was a great opportunity for us to bring together Atlassian users, customers & friends to our new office situated in the lovely East End of Stuttgart.

By the way: We are nevertheless planning to make an official office warming party where we would like to invite all of you and show you our nice new place to work (make sure to  sign up to our local events mailing list  for the invitation).

This Dev Together event was all about JIRA: Dave Meyer (Product Manager at JIRA) and Thomas Büschgens (Project Manager at W&W Informatik GmbH) gave two great presentations about using JIRA for managing requirements in front of an audience of well over 30 people. It was also the perfect opportunity to hang out with and learn from Atlassian customers and other product gurus.

Dave Meyer - How JIRA uses JIRA

During Dave's talk, lots of great JIRA information was shared. Attendees were able to learn about how JIRA team itself uses JIRA across every team as part of their agile development process and we had some feedback on how JIRA works together in software development. 

In the photo from the air balloons you can see Dave Meyer showing a picture of a nice landscape and hot air balloons. The metaphor of this picture when comparing it with JIRA was, that even though it looks beautiful, behind the scene there is fire inside the balloons and a high risk when flying it. For this reason you have to consider wind, low pressures and many more things before flying which is why there has to be so much planning and patience before getting this picture print. Similarly, using JIRA does not mean that all problems disappear but it helps teams organize themselves and become more and more effective by working together.

This is the video available from Dave's presentation. 

Thomas Büschgens - Traceability & software development

In Thomas' presentation we also learned some best use case practices from W&W Informatik. Thomas Büschgens, who works at this financial institution using JIRA on its day to day work, talked to us about the importance of traceability and software development. 

This is the video available from Thomas' presentation.

Post-presentation networking, pizza & beer

After the presentations were over, our engaged audience had some interesting questions which were answered by both Dave and Thomas. To finish with, both of our exponents were presented as gifts our K15t Software T-shirts and we had some Pizza&Beer. It was also the perfect opportunity to do some networking while enjoying a wonderful evening.

After the success in this last and in all of our Dev Together events, we have already started thinking on the fourth Dev Together at K15t Software.


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