Our Presentations from Add-on Discovery Day 2017

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The first ever Add-on Discovery Day event, held the day before Atlassian Summit last month in San Jose, was a big success. Our team collaborated with eight other leading Atlassian app makers to deliver 200+ attendees an engaging look at what can be accomplished by extending their Atlassian tools. If you missed the chance to go, or if you were there and simply want to review or share our presentations from the day, look no further than this post.

Serve your customers better in JIRA, and help them serve theirs in Confluence

K15t Software runs some of the world's largest Atlassian installations. To meet these demands we deliver Enterprise Support by synchronizing separate Jira and Jira Service Desk instances. Learn how this changed the game for us, and for companies like Infineon too. Multiplying this efficiency gain is the ability to deliver a great help portal based on Confluence. See the approach that's helped companies like BMW, SAP, and even Atlassian, to help their customers to help themselves.

Jira without borders: sync issue data across instances with Backbone

As Jira use expands in an organization, different kinds of teams often add their own instances, introducing new information gaps and workflow complexity. It gets even more challenging when these teams want to work with external partners who are also using separate Jira instances. This is where powerful, flexible, automated issue data synchronization saves the day. See how Backbone Issue Sync works across JIra borders, letting partners work securely in their own systems, without painful workarounds. Cross-instance collaboration will change how you and your partners use Jira.

Click here to learn more about Backbone Issue Sync for Jira.

Deliver a useful (and beautiful) help center right from Confluence

No matter if your organization sells apps in a marketplace or builds ultimate driving machines, your customers need to know how to use what you offer. Confluence's collaborative simplicity can make authoring help content an agile process. And with the family of Scroll apps, you can manage this documentation effectively, and continuously deploy it to the web in style and on brand. Not only will your support team be more efficient with a great help site at their disposal, your customers will love you for it too.

Click here to learn more about Scroll Viewport for Confluence.

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