Back to Our Roots: K15t Bids Farewell to Consulting to Focus Entirely on Apps

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Today is a big day for K15t: After being an Atlassian Solution Partner for over 11 years, our consulting unit will soon become part of our long-term partner and friends at Scandio.

P.S., this is not an April Fools joke (wink) 

I am super excited about this move because it’s a big win for everyone:

  1. The users of our apps will benefit, because K15t as a company will be able to focus 100% on our original mission: Enabling Atlassian users to unleash the potential of their products.

  2. Our consulting customers will be in good hands. Not only is Scandio one of the leading Atlassian Solution Partners in Germany, but our consultants will also be joining the Scandio team and can continue to make our customers happy and successful from there.

  3. Last but not least, our colleagues from the consulting unit will become part of an organization that shares our same values and beliefs, and where consulting is the core business of the company.

The History of K15t Consulting

When Tobias and I founded K15t in 2009, we set out to build "Tools for Wiki-Based Documentation". We wanted to build a product company like Atlassian with simple-to-use products that people would love. But unlike Mike and Scott who started the company fresh from university, we had to find creative ways to fund this dream at our stations in life. I myself had just become a husband and father, so our hustle looked a little different.

The answer? K15t started consulting and quickly became an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner which was a great way to fund our product development. By the time our product business finally broke even, our consulting teams had become well-known for their expertise among Atlassian customers throughout Germany. We decided not to stand in the way of their success and kept this part of the business rolling.

But over time, Tobias and I understood that in order to best support our customers on both sides of the business, we had to focus. That’s when we realized that our hearts beat primarily for our apps.

Scandio – a New Home

K15t has had a close relationship with the founders and CEOs of Scandio for years. They focus primarily on consulting (and even decided to outsource their app business), so it was clear that Scandio was our first choice when we wanted to find a new home for our consulting unit.

In December 2021, we reached out to Christian and Christoph and suggested that our consulting unit become part of Scandio. From that point on, everything went very smoothly: The parent company of Scandio, HiQ, was quickly on board with the idea, and now we’re excited to announce that 12 awesome team members from K15t will soon be a part of Scandio.

“Knowing K15t for quite some time and sharing the same values, we are more than happy to continue our journey with twelve new highly experienced colleagues. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Scandio has a constantly growing team of solution consultants and a strong customer base across numerous industries. By having the opportunity to integrate K15t's consulting unit into our team, we can further develop our expertise within the Atlassian ecosystem.” – Christian & Christoph, CEOs of Scandio

Scandio will take over K15t’s consulting office in Stuttgart, meaning the team members remain nearby and maintain their existing workspace. Scandio also expands its office network in Germany by establishing its first official presence in the city.

Backbone, Scroll, Orderly – What’s next?

K15t consulting may be finding a new home, but K15t isn’t going anywhere. The change affords us more time and resources to get back to our roots and focus entirely on building great apps to support our growing user base on Confluence and Jira.

With 50+ people still on the team, our roadmaps are packed, and we don’t have any plans on slowing down:

  • The Scroll app family will continue to be the leading apps for managing, exporting and publishing content with Confluence.

  • Backbone Issue Sync is our Jira app to sync issue data between Jira projects across instances, allowing you to easily collaborate with other teams.

  • Orderly Databases is the latest addition to our portfolio, enabling Confluence users to keep their content structured and consistent throughout their instance.

  • Confluence Best Practices and Resources will continue to be released on Rock the Docs and our YouTube series in the form of articles, videos, and livestreams to help users to get the most out of Confluence.

We are excited to present our apps next week at Atlassian Team ’22. We hope to see you there.