Atlassian Codegeist 2022 - A Collaborative Innovation Time at K15t

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At K15t, we value dedicated innovation time for every colleague. We have a bunch of great events (like our internal hackathon) where everyone is free to join and bring their dream project to life. In this blog post, we want to tell you more about our Atlassian Codegeist projects for 2022, along with how we succeeded there as a team.

What is Atlassian Codegeist?

Codegeist is a remote hackathon where participants build innovative Cloud applications for their favorite Atlassian tools. This time Atlassian provided new and improved tools, like Compass, for developers to play with during the competition. There were over 50 ways to win, some ways included developing apps for different categories, like ‘Apps for DevOps Teams’, or submitting a project to the ‘Most Valuable Storytelling’ category.

Every team unleashed their creativity by building custom apps and integrations on Atlassian’s serverless app development platform Forge. Developers from around the globe showcased their innovative ideas through apps that extend Atlassian products.

So, of course we took part in the competition. We’re always eager to find new and innovative ways to use the power that Confluence and Jira Cloud bring to every team.

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Why did we participate?

We wanted to replicate our success from last year, for one of our submissions (Create from Template Pro for Confluence Cloud) won in the ‘Business for Apps’ category. We donated all of our winnings to a charity of our choice, which we certainly want to do again.

We built those apps by using Atlassian’s cloud-first development platform Forge. Forge makes it possible to build a fully-functional app in just a few hours with hosting, multiple development environments, and API authentication built-in. 

This time our teams explored Atlassian Forge even further, for example, we developed our first Forge app for Jira Cloud. With this advanced level of experience, we were able to build cool new apps which our users will find interesting, useful and fun to use as well. And most importantly, we wanted to live by our motto and have fun, seriously!

How did we develop one of our app ideas?

We asked this question to our colleague Matthias. He told us about the struggle he ran into while setting up some new Jira projects to use them for a demo of our app Backbone Issue Sync for Jira. He then had the need to delete those Jira projects afterwards. However, he was kind of overwhelmed when he found out that there’s no easy way to delete a Jira project with one click, especially with all of the related configurations. As a result, you have to search for many traces in different set ups in order to completely delete one Jira project.

After encountering that issue, Matthias checked whether Atlassian had official REST APIs to delete all project configurations in one go - and it turned out quite promising.

And with that, a new Codegeist idea was born! Matthias started to develop his idea further with his colleage, Sai.

The app is now called ‘Project Gardener for Jira’ and it's released to the Atlassian Marketplace. And just like that, what began as a small thought, might just end up helping Jira admins worldwide.

Result: Two submitted apps

We successfully finished our Codegeist participation for this year by submitting two innovative apps for Confluence and Jira to the Atlassian Codegeist competition. Feel free to check out our Codegeist submissions - you can also find the information on how to test them out in your own system.

  • Project Gardener for Jira
    (The app can be installed from the Atlassian Marketplace )
    Deleting a Jira project was very inconvenient, until now, for you had to manually remove all associated schemes/configurations. Thanks to Project Gardener for Jira, you can do it with one click!

  • Meeting Icebreakers for Confluence
    (The app can be installed from the Atlassian Marketplace )
    Meeting Icebreakers for Confluence adds a short discussion prompt that you can use to start friendly, informal discussions at the beginning of a meeting. Just like the name, it helps to break the ice!

Right now, we are already looking forward to our next Codegeist Project in 2023. Maybe you could join us as a new teammate?

If working in a team environment like this excites you, let us know! Take a look at our open positions and join the fun.
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