24 Days of Confluence Best Practice Videos

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Labels, tables, templates, and anything else too;
This year we've made best practice videos especially for you.

As long as it’s in Confluence, it really doesn't matter;
They'll make your team stronger and spark lots of chatter.

Now, as 2021 is wrapping up and the holidays are near;
Here’s an advent calendar for you to bring some more cheer!

🚪 What’s ‘24 Days of Confluence Best Practices’?

Christmas time is the season of giving. In that spirit, the team at K15t wants to share the gift of knowledge. Confluence best practice knowledge, to be exact!

Rock the Docs – our hub of Confluence best practices – is brimming with both articles and video content about how you and your team can get the most out of using Atlassian Confluence.

Little snippets of that knowledge have been hand-picked, wrapped into neat little packages of information, and stored behind 24 doors to form your very own Confluence advent calendar.

Starting on December 1st 2021, we invited Confluence users to open a door each day to reveal a surprise.

Unlike a chocolate advent calendar which may sit on your hips, the Rock the Docs advent calendar fills your brain up with tips! With each door opened, a new bite-sized video clip is delivered.

🎁 Confluence Best Practice Content To Last the Whole Year

The holidays may have passed, but since you made it onto our “nice” list, the advent calendar doors remain open! Here’s where you can find Confluence best practice content throughout the year.

Bite-sized Confluence best practice videos

Across the series of 24 videos, a range of topics have been covered from how to share Confluence pages, to how to use Confluence search effectively.

With a new topic touched on in each video, there’s a lot to be learned. The best part? Each video is less than 1-minute long, so you can learn a lot in a very short space of time.

Watch the Series

Check out the series of Confluence best practice shorts used for the advent calendar. To the series →

Full-length Confluence best practice videos

If you enjoyed watching our bite-sized Confluence best practice videos but are left wanting more, you’re in luck!

On Rock the Docs, you’ll find a collection of Confluence best practice content. There are written articles, and full-length Confluence best practice videos where you can get a more in-depth look at the cool things you and your team can do with Confluence.

Some of the topics covered on Rock the Docs include:

🤘 Rock Your Team’s Docs!

Whether your team is new to Confluence or you’ve been using it for a while, it’s never too late to learn new ways of working with Confluence.

Check out Rock the Docs for practical tips for how to work faster and collaborate more with Confluence to write your best documentation for both your team and your users.

Get ready to rock your team's docs!
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