K15t Stands With the People of Ukraine

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We at K15t are shocked by the actions of the Russian military in Ukraine and appalled by Mr. Putin’s war on a sovereign nation. We condemn the actions of the Russian government and stand together with the people of Ukraine against this assault on their freedom and their homeland. This is not a war conducted on behalf of the Russian people, and we applaud the bravery of those people standing up to Putin in Russia and protesting his actions.

Our company has people of many different backgrounds and nationalities. This includes colleagues of both of Ukrainian and Russian heritage with deep ties to the region. This hits home for all of us and we are making moves to contribute our time, energy, and resources to supporting anti-war efforts.

What We Will Do as a Company

Atlassian announced that they are stopping any sales of software to Russia, and suspending existing government-owned licenses, as well as licenses to specific Russian businesses that support the war by way of cyber warfare, combat, or disinformation. These actions also cover the sales of any third-party apps through the Atlassian Marketplace, such as all those made by us at K15t.

We fully support the decision of Atlassian to halt sales of software to Russia and any entities supporting the Russian military in Ukraine. We will continue to monitor the situation to see if there are any further steps we could take, and will continue to work together with Atlassian in any future actions to support the people of Ukraine.

We will also support our employees in their own personal donations to help the people fleeing the conflict. K15t will match any charitable donation made by an employee to any organization assisting refugees. We support employees through the Pledge 1% program where we grant two paid working days per year for charitable work. In addition, we will continue to donate free licenses of our commercial app software to any non-profit organization.

Looking to the Future

We will continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine to see how we can help in the future, following government and international body guidelines on what actions we can take. We will also support Atlassian in any further moves they take regarding the availability of our software on the Atlassian Marketplace to organizations in Russian and for those supporting the Russian invasion.

With all of this in mind, we still recognize that there are limitations on what a small company like K15t can affect. Putin's mind is unlikely to be swayed by the condemnation of K15t. Many of us have expressed feeling helpless in the face of this terrible situation. However, we will continue to support the Ukrainian people in any way we can, no matter how small our contribution may be in the grand scale of the war. We are proud to add our voice alongside every company, every nation, and every person out there standing up for what’s right.