Atlassian Acquires Orderly Databases for Confluence

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K15t is thrilled to announce that our app Orderly Databases for Confluence has been acquired by Atlassian. This news marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for both Orderly and Confluence users everywhere, because databases will soon become a core feature of the platform and available to all Confluence users.

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A Promising Future for Confluence Databases

When Atlassian approached K15t about acquiring Orderly Databases, we knew this would be an incredible opportunity for both Confluence and Orderly users. With Databases set to become a native feature of Confluence, all users will be able to store structured information as a core part of how they collaborate.

K15t had identified the need for a more efficient way to store and manage structured content within Confluence, and it was out of this need that Orderly Databases was born. Countless teams rely on Confluence to collaborate on free-form content, but we saw how much of a challenge it was for users to organize content and maintain structure throughout the platform.

With Databases, you will be able to build connections between all of your content and information in Confluence, making it more efficient and productive for everyone involved.

A K15t Milestone

As Orderly Databases finds its new home in Confluence, K15t will continue its journey of connecting teams with their users and customers with our Scroll Apps for Confluence and Backbone Issue Sync for Jira.

We invite you to join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement and we can’t wait for all the exciting product updates and new content K15t will be sharing in the future.

Together, let’s continue to revolutionize the way teams collaborate, innovate, and share their information – both within and across organizations.

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