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It's easy to implement your content reuse strategy in Confluence by creating a library of reusable content for your documentation.

 What is Content Reuse?

Content reuse is when you reuse the same piece of content in various different places. It means that technical writers don't have to re-write text many times, and it means that the original piece of copy should be easy to locate so that it can be used as often as needed. When changes are made to that original piece of text, it will then be automatically changed wherever else that piece of text is used, which saves a lot of time.

What Are the Benefits of Content Reuse?

Content reuse can have many benefits when done in the right way:

  • Makes document creation a quicker process.
  • Creates consistency across your content, especially when lots of different writers are working on the same content.
  • Less duplicate work will get created.
  • You don't have to rely on copying and pasting text into different places.

 In Confluence, you can create reusable content using a macro to include that same content on one or more additional pages. You can reuse short descriptions of content from a page or content from a shared library.