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When teams write together, users win. Learn how to collaborate to put your best documentation forward.

With Confluence, your whole team can work together to not only write and publish user documentation, but internal documentation too. It's simple to document things like user stories and upcoming product feature overviews in an area only accessible to your team.

Having both kinds of of documentation in the same place means you can put better documentation together for your users. The best part? No silos! Information is available to everyone and communication simply flows. 

For example, if you need to write about a product architecture enhancement, you won't need to bug an engineer to email you the diagram and their notes. Just search for it in Confluence and get going. Thanks to space permissions, teams can easily lock down content as needed, so only the right people have the ability to make edits if needed. 

Learn more about how to put this collaborative power to good use in your team.