Collect User Feedback

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Conversation between your team can be a great way to collect feedback and iterate from it, but what about your users?

By collecting user feedback from your customers, your knowledge of that audience increases which can make you a valuable asset on any project team, allowing you to add key pieces of information into your writing. This makes the content a whole lot more valuable to your audience. User feedback is extremely important as you write documentation and should be acknowledged and incorporated as often as possible.

Depending on how you publish your documentation, there are several ways to collect user feedback on your content.

Help Center

Help centers are a great place for collecting feedback because you can provide a really interactive experience. Here are some ideas:

  • Expose the Confluence comment section at the bottom of your pages. Great for conversation; beware of trolls and spam. Also, all comments are anonymous unless you have external user licenses.
  • Embed a third party commenting tool, like Disqus.
  • Embed a Jira issue collector on each page to collect users' thoughts and submit them as Jira issues for your team.
  • Add a call to action on each page for submitting a support case.


Getting feedback from published documents can be a bit more tricky, but there are a few ways you can do it:

  • Add an interactive link or QR code in the page footer that links to a feedback submission form on your site.
  • Add a phone number that goes to a voice mailbox you can access. Make the message fun, and make sure users know you care about their thoughts.
  • Put a general feedback email in the footer.
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With whatever approach(es) you take for feedback collection, be sure you follow your organization's privacy policy.