Automate Your Workflow

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As your team works together, having an automated workflow will allow you to follow a consistent process for writing, reviewing, and publishing your Confluence documentation.

What is workflow automation?

Workflow automation helps you to avoid emailing people when it's their turn to contribute. It brings the entire process of collaboration into the Confluence editor, and simplifies the communication. You can choose from two different workflow options to suit the complexity of your team's process.

Comala Document Management Integration

For advanced workflows with multiple phases, approvers, and other automations, you can use Comala Document Management. With Comala Document Management, you can build very complicated processes involving multiple review phases that span multiple teams. This approach works well in cases where you are documenting a feature that first must have a technical review by an engineering team, a market copy review by a marketing team, and a liability review by a legal team. For each phase of the review, you can assign reviewers who must sign off before the documentation can move along in the process.

Simple Workflows in Scroll Versions

For a simple "write, review, and publish" workflow, you can use the simple workflow built into Scroll Versions. While you can't customize the phases in the process, it fits the needs of many teams who need to track what pages are being drafted, reviewed for quality assurance, and which are ready to be published. This workflow works well for small teams or teams where writing and review is done only within the group.

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If you want to receive email notifications of workflow status changes, use this plugin.

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