Hacketse XXVI - We Found the Missing Link

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It’s that time again… the 26th edition of Hacketse took place last week, and what an eventful time it was!

The winning team, featuring Sven, Petra, and of course, virtual Paul.

Hacketse is a K15t tradition that takes place three times a year. It’s a 24-hour hackathon filled with great ideas from our team. It really is an opportunity to be creative, where anyone can bring their idea to life. In our previous Hacketse #25 blog post, you can read more in-depth about what Hacketse is, along with the history behind it.

On a Thursday evening at 16:00, the 24-hour time period had begun. Many of us gathered in the office kitchen to catch up with colleagues who traveled from outside of Stuttgart. While we collaborated and shared ideas with one another, it became clear that something was missing- food for thought! We made sure to get off on the right foot by ordering pizza for everyone- because, well, does a better brain food exist?

This time was no different than the last in regards to an overflowing amount of brilliant ideas. Most of the projects were very tech-focused, such as adding presenter notes to the presenter mode in Confluence, or implementing convenient shortcuts in our apps. We hope to implement these features to our apps in the near future. Many competitors were determined to try out new technologies, and one team even used an AI bot to demonstrate their presentation! It’s safe to say that there’s no lack of creative minds within the K15t team.

Sven and Paul working together.

Many of our team works remotely, and while most of us are located in central Europe, we even had some team members joining from other continents. Luckily, thanks to the technology of the modern world, this didn’t hinder our spirits. With the current world situation, this wasn’t the first time where we did a hybrid format for Hacketse. The award ceremony was held in the office on Friday afternoon. For each Hacketse, a so-called “Bürgermeister” is chosen to moderate the presentations. This time it was Anshuman Dash, and he didn’t disappoint on bringing the energy and good vibes.

It was a close call between two finalists, both of which had projects that elaborated on improving our K15t apps for the Atlassian Marketplace. These improvements included adding valuable new features that will make our apps even more user-friendly.

At the end of the race, the Lost & Found idea was awarded the infamous Hacketse trophy. The Lost & Found project helps users of Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud to reveal and fix broken links. They created a solution to those frustrating “404 error- no page found” messages when clicking on a link. Now there are no more dead ends, just fully functional links! What a relief, right?

Our Bürgermeister, Anshuman Dash, presenting the first place award to the winning group, Sven Schatter, Petra Smolcic, and Paul Borm who joined the ceremony virtually.

Hacketse is just one of the many collaborative team events that we have here at K15t. If working in a team environment like this excites you, let us know! Take a look at our open positions- maybe you could be crowned the winner at our next hackathon.

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