ShipIt III: Attack of the Coders

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Oops, we did it again – and we love it: Creating awesome stuff within 24 hours. Some of us were coding almost the whole night to make our ideas come to life. Here's how we spent our third, Atlassian-rules hackathon that took place in the K15t Software office.

And, of course, we've got a winning team: congratulations to Eugen, Maximilian, and Tobias who have built and demoed an awesome multi-layer image map editor for Confluence!

You’ve Got 24 Hours … Go!

A ShipIt day is a great chance for our employees to work on anything that relates to our products, and deliver it after our 24 hours hackathon. Recently, we had our 3rd ShipIt day in the K15t Software office in Stuttgart to develop new product ideas, design user interfaces or rethink existing product features in small, agile teams.

Demo Time!

After 24 hours, all ShipIt contestants come together to present their projects in a fun way. Here you can see some of our IT crowd – happy and cheerful, but maybe you'll also notice some sleepy eyes?

The Winning Team: Tobias, Maximilian, and Eugen

After all teams have presented their ShipIt results, we voted for a winner team. Actually, everyone's a winner; but the majority of votes claims those three guys to win the K15t ShipIt cup. Congratulations!

Tobias, Maximilian, and Eugen extended the existing ImageMap Macro, now allowing users to define JS Canvas based multi-layer image maps to create multiple clickable regions on a single image. As this can now be done in just a few mouse-clicks (before you had to define coordinates of the clickable region), this is a massive UX boost.

2nd Winner Project: Scroll Scrollport

Our working student Peter again managed a place on the podium. With his "infinite scroll" solution Scroll Scrollport, readers can now scroll through a whole Confluence space without clicking the page tree. By pre-fetching content from the subsequent pages and adding this content directly to the bottom of the reader's current page, the reading flow is not distracted.

3rd Place: Personas

A ShipIt project can also be something without coding or building software. Anja and me dedicated our ShipIt to create personasfictional characters that represent the different user types to help us understand what the goals and objectives of our users are. 

What's Next?

As it has been so much fun, we at K15t Software will definitively continue to "ship it". The whole K15t staff looks forward to more kick-ass product ideas, clever solutions, and amazing demos.