K15t Returns to the Alps

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Every day, the staff at K15t work hard together as a team, and that sense of camaraderie and teamwork doesn't end at the office doors. On Friday, June 10th, the K15t Software office was closed as we all piled into a bus and headed for the German Alps once again. A couple days of hiking and fun were exactly what the doctor ordered.

We even had a guidebook for our trip, complete with a personalized avatar of everyone who went on the trip (see below)! The weather on Friday was fantastic – the sun was shining and the sky was clear. Saturday was rainy, but we grabbed our umbrellas and kept on going. Take a look!

What's a trip without a plan? 

Up the mountain we go

Nothing beats a mountainside lunch...

...except a rush right back down.

Relaxing on the terrace after dinner

An absolutely breathtaking view

Rainy hike through the canyon? No problem.

Refreshed and ready to keep on powering painless content collaboration!

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