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Even before the pandemic happened, remote work has always been important to K15t, and a natural benefit for all colleagues. But what if we told you, that you can work from anywhere? Yes, really! As long as you have a good internet connection, and can complete your tasks as usual, you can work from wherever you like.

Why This Works

It doesn’t matter if you achieve your work results from sitting at a desk, on the beach, or in the mountains. We don’t want to tell you where to work, because we believe in your capability. With the power of modern technology, there’s no reason to limit ourselves to one singular workspace. Although we love collaborating together in the office, the option to work remotely opens many doors that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

So with that, we’ve asked our team members to send us some pictures of their time working abroad. We have to admit, we were not disappointed. See for yourself!

Man sitting at the beach working

Originally, when we asked Robert for a picture of his setup, he wanted to send one from a coffee shop. What he sent instead absolutely blew us away. Safe to say, he takes the cake on this one.

Dog sitting in front of a laptop and a lake

Michaela is one of our team members who often travels between Germany and the Netherlands. As an added bonus, she usually brings her dog to the office. At K15t, you’re welcome to bring your four-legged friend to work.

Man with toddler laughing and a work place setup

Matt usually works out of New York state, but he headed to Florida for a while to escape the cold winter weather. He sent us some shots of his video production setup in his family's AirBnb. He also shared with us that on most days working from Tampa, the patio was his office. This never would have been an option if he couldn’t have worked from anywhere. 

Man with a sun hat holding a lemonade can sitting in a garden in front of a laptop

Here we have a close runner-up to Robert’s beach office picture in Malta, and it’s looking pretty lush. With the perfect balance between work and life, Peter even managed to find the soda brand “K15t” during his time in Panama.

A laptop standing in front of a lake, a cat lying in a chair, a cat in front of a laptop

While being in Turkey for three weeks, Emre made sure to take plenty of cafe pictures. These are the ones that we chose to highlight.

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A laptop in front of a room with chairs and palms behind a window

While studying abroad in Mexico, Nicola was able to continue working her student job worry-free. Sounds pretty sweet! 🍬

A collage of people smiling and working on laptops 

Recently, three of our team members traveled to Prague together during the work week. A change of scenery was necessary, and possible! The group made sure to get an Airbnb with enough space to suit each of their needs. All that was required was a stable internet connection, and a couple of rooms where they could close the door and comfortably take a call. The whole group had a great time on this trip – and they really did make time for fun! They also learned that they can successfully work abroad together without interrupting their usual flow or falling out of sync with their prior commitments. 

From Home or Abroad

As you can see, our team certainly makes the most out of their ability to work remotely. Whether from home, or from abroad, it’s all possible with K15t.

Sounds Interesting to You?

Working from abroad is just one of the many perks we have here at K15t. If working in a team environment like this excites you, let us know!

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