Women in IT - debugging the gender gap

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IT requires creative, communicative and flexible people. So why are there so few women working in IT?

Software development and IT are widely regarded to be dominated by white men – workforce diversity is often minimal. Some might even say that these industries have created an anti-female working environment. Cultural thought patterns, cliches, prejudices, sexism, and educational inequality contribute to this problem. This becomes incomprehensible when you consider that programming used to be women's work. For example, the world's first programming language was developed by a woman, and the term 'debugging' was coined by a woman, too. Up until the mid-20th century, logical dependencies of complex machines were predominantly programmed by women. What has happened since then that turned the tide so drastically? Why is an industry that offers flexible working hours, working from home, and other work models which suit women especially well, so overrun by men?

Code: Debugging the Gender Gap is a documentary that addresses such questions. K15t Software is hosting a screening of this documentary to raise awareness of the challenges at hand and to support a much-needed change. "Our experiences have shown that diverse teams are very successful" says Stefan Kleineikenscheidt, founder of K15t Software. That is why we would like to invite you to join us on October 26th, 2016 to find out what underlying problems need to be addressed to make software development and IT more diverse and therefore more successful.

What? Screening of Code: Debugging the Gender Gap

Where? K15t Software offices, Ostendstr. 110, 4th floor, Stuttgart-Ost

When? Oct 26th, 2016. 7pm.