Sept 23: Join Us for the K15t Office Warming Party

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K15t Software has grown once again, and to keep us all from elbowing one another we had to make a change. With a bit of work we have found an amazing new space in Stuttgart East and have made our move. The paint is dry, the espresso is flowing, and the time has finally come for our Grand Opening. You're invited!

We would like to welcome our friends, family, and clients to share a drink and some pizza with us in our new space to celebrate this special occasion together.

The party will open with a talk by Atlassian Evangelist  Sven Peters  who will give us his insights on creating an ideal Coding Culture.  

"Imagine a culture where the input of the whole organization turns an individual idea into a user story in just a couple of hours, where everybody's goal is to write great code, make the customer’s job easier, and where you work on projects you love instead of loathe. Key ingredients include quarterly hackathons, bringing autonomous teams together and ‘openness by default.’" -Sven Peters

Date: Wednesday, 23 September

Time: 18.00h – 21:00h

Location: Ostendstraße 110, Stuttgart (4th floor)

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It's now been 6 years since K15t was founded, and without you we wouldn't be where we are today. Thank you!