Scenes from the K15t Office Warming Party

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Last Wednesday we threw open the K15t doors to friends, family, partners, and customers to help us warm our new office in Stuttgart, and it was a grand time if we do say so ourselves. Check out some scenes from the event after the jump. With early-evening light fading in the windows, the crowd of friendly faces flowed in. Luckily our new space easily accommodated everyone—the old K15t office would have had us rubbing elbows, and not in the comfortable sense of the phrase.

Atlassian Evangelist Sven Peters dropped by and delivered a witty talk about Atlassian's practices for creating a positive Coding Culture in their workplace. Sven usually gives this talk in English, but he didn't miss a beat doing it in his native German tongue, even when the door intercom rang. See it here:

After Sven's talk a much-welcomed stack of pizzas steamed in, the beer 'fridge was attacked, and stories and laughs were shared until wee-enough-for-Wednesday hours were reached.

More photos from the event are up on Flickr here: K15t Office Warming Party Photos

Once again we'd like to give heartfelt thanks to everybody that helped us celebrate, and to everyone who has helped K15t get to where we are today!