Recap of Our Seventh Hacketse

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A few weeks ago, we held our seventh 24-hour Hacketse hackathon – once again, we brainstormed, developed, and realized some fantastic ideas.

For those of you who have never heard of a ‘Hacketse’, it is an opportunity for K15t’s employees to take 24 hours to contribute both to our professional development and to our business. We can participate either alone, or in teams with colleagues who we don't normally have the chance to work with.

We started with a get-together where everyone introduced their project and stated their objectives. We had 9 amazing project ideas that we could experience through 5-minute real-world demos once the 24 hours were over. To name a few, we had a team translating our Scroll Add-ons software into other languages, a team that worked on how to solve enterprise issues by syncing Backbone with a firewall between JIRA instances, and even a team that created an online store were everyone will be able to buy our cool K15t swag.

We didn't even miss the football – we just watched and coded at the same time!

After the presentations were over, everyone got to vote for their two favorites. The winner was a system that makes it easier for us to order lunch in the office. The project was called ‘Kulturwerk Order Workflow Automation’ and it was created by Sarah and Pierre. Their reward for winning: our newest K15t Hacketse winner’s t-shirt!

The Hacketse is a fundamental part of K15t’s company culture. We love how everyone contributes so much enthusiasm and has such a willingness to learn.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this event so incredible. We’ll be running our 8th Hacketse soon, so keep an eye on our blog to find out more. If you want to enjoy it with us, take a look at the opportunities on our careers page. See you next time!