Scroll ImageMap 2.1.0 Makes Image Map Management in Confluence Even Simpler

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Scroll ImageMap brings Confluence images to life by letting you add clickable link areas and mouseover tooltips that engage and inform, making them a powerful way to visually communicate information in Confluence.

A few examples include adding mouseover tooltips to describe a complex user interface to users, using image maps as click dummies to improve collaboration on new webpages, or inserting navigation links in your organizational charts to improve employee onboarding. 

We've recently improved the app's usability to make adding interactivity to Confluence images even simpler. Here are some of the improvements you'll find in Scroll ImageMap 2.1.0, the latest release:

Preview Image Maps Directly in the Confluence Editor

You can now preview image maps right after creating them, rather than having to save the Confluence page first:

Preview images in the Confluence editor. This feature is available on Confluence Server only.

Swap New Images into Image Maps

It's now possible to swap a new image into an image map which makes updates a breeze. Simply swap the image for a new one and the image map will automatically rescale to fit the new image:

Swap in a new image.

Preview Images Before Adding Them to Image Maps

When searching for images to add to image maps, they are now previewed so you can be sure you're adding the correct one:

Preview images beforehand

Get the Latest Version

If you want to benefit from these updates – and manage image maps in Confluence more painlessly than ever before – you can update to Scroll ImageMap 2.1.0 directly from the Atlassian Marketplace. Existing users can upgrade for free, and if you haven't tried it yet, you can evaluate for free for 30 days.

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