Hacketse XII: Ready... Set... Hack!

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What do you get when you combine 27 talented participants, 10 creative ideas, 24 hours, and a kitchen full of pizza? A K15t Hacketse of course!

Hacketse Team Dinner

Last week we hosted our 12th triannual Hacketse – K15t Software's Swabian-named spin on the hackathon concept. The event was a great reminder of how creative, competitive, and hardworking our teams can be in just 24 hours, and the results were as impressive as ever.

Once time had stopped the competitors pitched what they'd made in five minute presentations, and then votes for the winner were cast. Below are the crowd favorites, starting with the solo winner of the coveted Hacketse trophy:

Winner: Naughty-fy – Push Notifications in Confluence Cloud Apps

Our Hacketse 12 winner proves that the best solutions are sometimes the most practical. Anshuman Dash (just Dash for short), was inspired by his team's need to communicate important updates directly to Scroll Documents users. His approach was to tap into the various webhooks offered by Confluence and create reactions to events (permission changes, content changes, etc.) on the front end through push notifications. 

How does it work? Scroll Documents subscribes to relevant topics in a Firebase database. Notifications are pushed to these topics by a Lambda function that listens to and processes Confluence webhooks. The result is real-time update notifications directly in the cloud app front end. 

Hacketse Winner, Anshuman Dash

The project was a hit! This powerful solution can alert Scroll Documents admins to important updates, and can be extended to:

  • Alert users when new features or versions are available
  • Share a new blog post when one is published
  • Warn users of possible downtimes for the system

The possibilities are endless, and we're internally discussing how we can implement Dash's prototype to inform all of our users about important updates.

Swipe Right to Plan Your Next Sprint  

How do you prioritize Jira issues when planning your sprints? Lengthy backlogs and competing priorities can make this a sticky and time-consuming task for any team, and ours are certainly no exception. Tobi H., Lena, and Emre decided to simplify and gamify this painful process by following the popular A/B comparison approach used by mobile dating apps. Just think Tinder – but for Jira issues! This got our attention.

Here's how it works: A Jira user selects a pool of issues for the sprint and then a randomizer allows the them to compare issues side-by-side. A winner is selected by clicking More Important (the 'swipe right' function is still in the works), the loser is replaced with a new issue, and the game continues. In the end, your team is left with a list of issues, prioritized from most to least important. 

Jira Sprint Prioritization

Presentation Slides Directly from Confluence

Stefan and Thomas H. created a way to instantly turn Confluence content into beautiful PowerPoint presentations. The solution is flexible enough to support any template, including templates with custom fonts and styles like ours. Users can collaborate on the content in Confluence and simply export to PowerPoint when it's ready, making the process of putting a presentation together a breeze. Here's what it looks like side-by-side, with the author entering their content in Confluence on the left, and the resulting presentation on the right: 

PowerPoint Presentations right from Confluence

Scroll Viewport Themes for Non-Coders

Hacketses are great opportunities to improve our existing Atlassian Marketplace apps, which is exactly what Tobias A. and Simon did. The popular Scroll Viewport app presents Confluence content as a website or help center, but can be quite technical to use depending on how customized you want your theme to be.

This Hacketse duo built a new UI for configuring Scroll Viewport themes, allowing users to easily customize colors, fonts, and icons, all without writing CSS. The user-friendly solution means anyone can customize Scroll Viewport themes to create a beautiful help center based on Confluence – yes, even unicorn help centers!

A Confluence Help Center built on Scroll Viewport

Join the Next Hacketse

Think you have what it takes to win the next trophy? We're always looking for great talent to join our growing team in Stuttgart, Germany. 

Apply to one of our open positions and come join in the fun.

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