Customize Scroll Versions and Translations using the Java API

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From providing your readers multiple versions and variants of your documentation, to providing documentation in multiple languages, you can do amazing things with Scroll Versions and Translations. To empower your creativity to fully customize your documentation workflow, we're introducing the Scroll Content Management Java API.

With the new Scroll Content Management API in their custom Java app, you can:

  • Create custom automations which occur when certain events occur in Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations
  • Access some functionality of Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations programmatically

There are many custom behaviors you could develop. Here are a few:

Reviewer Notifications

If writers on your team collaborate with stakeholders throughout the company, it can take a lot of time to notify each reviewer when it's time for feedback. To simplify your content creation process, you can create an automation that emails reviewers when a page moves into the review phase. Your writers can keep writing, and your reviewers can share feedback quickly.

We've actually already built this app and have created a tutorial to guide you through the development process step by step. Check it out in our documentation.

Translation Export and Distribution

For teams working with a third party translator, it's crucial that updated content is sent out for translation quickly to ensure you can publish in time with a product release. To speed up your translation workflow, an automation could automatically export and send updated pages to your third party translator. When translation is complete, the translator could import the content themselves.

Documentation Update Notifications

As part of a release, it's valuable to share new documentation with users so they can learn what's new with the product. To streamline this part of the release, an automation could send emails through your email marketing platform when you publish a new version of your documentation. Your team can spend less time releasing and more time celebrating.

Build Your Own Customizations

Curious how your team can create custom automations with the Scroll Content Management API? Check out the Workflow Notification Plugin Tutorial to learn how to create an app, and test it. Ready to get started?

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We're excited to see users release their creativity by building custom automations for Scroll Versions and Scroll Translations.