Introducing Rock the Docs: Your Team's Guide to Documentation in Confluence

Writing technical documentation as a team is difficult enough without tools and processes getting in the way. That’s why we're sharing Rock the Docs, a guide for creating great documentation in Confluence using proven technical writing methods.

In the guide, you'll learn how to:

Create and Review Documentation Topics Together

The great advantage of writing documentation in Confluence is your team can create new documentation topics and collaborate with reviewers quickly. You can create templates for each type of documentation topic your team uses, helping you create content quickly and in the correct structure. There are so many types of content you can add to each topic, from images, to videos, to dynamic content generated on the fly with macros. Once you’ve finished the first draft, your team can start providing feedback immediately.

Reuse Content and Create Conditional Content Like a Pro

You may want to do some advanced content manipulation in your documentation, like reusing content in multiple places or displaying content based on certain conditions. You can do that. The guide covers how your team can create a library of reusable content for use throughout your documentation. The guide also covers various options for providing users with only information that's relevant to them.

Publish in Multiple Languages and Versions

Writing together is always better, as long as all changes stay organized. You can use techniques and apps in Confluence to manage all page updates within a space, translate that content, and publish it when a new version of your product is released.

Write Your Documentation in an Agile Way

Explore how your team can incorporate documentation into the same agile process you use for product development. Agile processes reduce the amount of needless internal documentation your team creates and help deliver great documentation to your users. In fact, the key pieces of information created during an agile process translate directly into your final documentation.

Read more about agile documentation on Rock the Docs.

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