Team Calendars 1.8 Released - Let's take a closer look

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Atlassian Team Calendars for Confluence and Jira have evolved rapidly over the last few months. Coming from release 1.0 to 1.8 in 8 months is quite a fast pace. Let's take a closer look at this really helpful plugin and how it can be used to improve your daily business.

Team Calendars are a great tool for teams to schedule their leave, track their JIRA projects and plan events. The plugin has evolved in a great way over the past few months. To take a really close look at what has changed, check the Release Notes.

One of the major new features is the integration of Google Calendar into Team Calendars. This really is a step forward considering that many of us use Google Calendar to manage their daily business as well as their private dates. Google Calendar integrates now with one click.

By adding your teams leave-calendar to your personal Google Calendar you always know who is in the office and who is not. Are you using Microsoft Outlook? Good news for you as well. Use the provided link to subscribe to your People and Event Calendars. For further informations check out Subscribing to Team Calendars from Microsoft Outlook.

To stay informed about where your people are at, it is very helpful to have a calendar about that. Leaving on an event with multiple people? Just add them to the same event.

Basically there are three different types of Team Calendars:

Event Calendars
Event Calendars are perfect for sharing any type of event - company milestones, team events, training sessions, or public holidays.
Put them on a calendar that everyone can see and subscribe to.

People Calendars
People Calendars give you an at a glance view of who is on-duty and which team members are on vacation.
Creating rosters, scheduling team leave, and planning travel just got a whole lot easier.

Jira Calendars
Communicating the release plans for your projects is quick and easy with JIRA Calendars.
Share when projects are shipping and view them alongside People Calendars to see how your team's availability will impact your release schedule.

Atlassian Team Calendars have the most of the functionality you know from Confluence Pages. The two most important to me are to be able to restrict or to watch a calendar.

Watching your mates calendar let's you know if you can meet him for lunch or not.

Are you planning a secret feature? Restrict your Team Calendar to your team.

Do you want to know more about Team Calendars, Confluence or Jira?

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