Amplifying K15t's Bike to Work Day

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Another sunny, mid-May Bike to Work Day is in the books for the K15t team, with plenty of newcomer participation and a few new traditions of our own.

3 Years and Counting

For the third year in a row, K15t participated in this global event where we encourage our team to bike to the office instead of their usual mode of transportation. While K15t has always had its core group of dedicated cyclists, Bike to Work Day is more about extending this commute option in a fun, welcoming way to both new and casual bikers alike.

Riders of all skill levels meet up at various points throughout Stuttgart and maybe stop for a quick coffee or Brezel on their way into the office. We use a Confluence page in the week leading up to the event to establish the meetup groups, plan routes, and announce the prize for participating – the annual custom-designed K15t Bike to Work T-shirt. Here's a look at this year's design: 

Redefining K15t's Bike to Work Day

With our team starting to grow beyond the Stuttgart region, we were excited to have some of our remote teammates participate from all around the world – from Daniel in Karlsruhe, to Matt in New York state. 

The event wasn't limited to just bikes either! Laura rode her skateboard to work, opting for four wheels instead of two. That's Laura on the left alongside the group who participated from our Stuttgart office this year:  

Keeping the Trend Going 

This may be only a one-day event, but we aim to keep the trend going throughout the year. Bike to Work day has always encouraged a few people to rethink their typical commute and shuffle in a few more cycling days where they can, and we're hoping this year is no different. In addition, Christoffer, K15t's resident cycling enthusiast, has just launched the K15t Bike Shed. This stock of bike-related supplies like a pump, lube, and inner tubes will help keep the team's bikes in top shape.

We're also working on launching a company-wide bike share program that will make it easy for our team to lease or borrow bikes at their convenience, and help make biking to work an even bigger staple of the K15t culture.  

Between the fresh air, exercise, and camaraderie, it's easy to see why this annual event is such a hit with the team. Plus, adding another fun T-shirt to the team collection is always a favorite. 

Do you want to bike to work with us next year? We're hiring!

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