(Announcement) Scroll Viewport: Delivering Confluence Content Simpler and Faster to the Web

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We are proud to announce the next add-on in the Scroll product family: Introducing Scroll Viewport, our new theme add-on and framework for Confluence to create beautiful and simple themes - for websites, intranets, or to publish your documentation. 

Have you ever thought about using Atlassian Confluence as a CMS for your website? Or are you searching for a new platform to easily manage your content and output it visually styled to your customers and users?

Scroll Viewport is the best solution to deliver pages and blog posts from Confluence to the web.

Another Theme Add-on?

Scroll Viewport is not a Confluence theme. Instead of theming the Confluence UI (like all Confluence themes do), Scroll Viewport let's you define a special view (the viewport) for your pages and blog posts, and register that viewport at a configurable URL and select a theme for that viewport. So, when a user accesses that URL the pages and blog posts will be displayed like it is defined by the viewport theme. This has several advantages:

  • It is fast, because Scroll Viewport bypasses the Confluence UI that needs to check for menu-entries, etc.
  • It is compatible with any Confluence theme - regular authors can just continue to use Confluence through the user interface they are used to.
  • It provides much simpler theming: A Scroll Viewport theme is made up of simple HTML templates plus static resources (HTML, JS, CSS).

Create Viewports for your Confluence content

Theme Development how it should be

Depending on your skills you can use Scroll Viewport more or less intensive. There's no need for a SDK. You can write your own themes even if you are only familiar with HTML and CSS, but Scroll Viewport can also deal with complex JavaScript elements.

Design and Sell your own Theme Add-ons

You've designed a kick-ass Scroll Viewport and are ready to share it with the community? Download the theme as a Confluence Plugin and publish (or sell) it on the Atlassian Marketplace to over 13,500 Confluence customers.

Faster than Confluence Themes

Scroll Viewport delivers Confluence content more than 3 times faster than Confluence out-of-the-box (or any other available theme). Therefore it comes with its own super-fast rendering pipeline that also applies themes, and enforces security.

Not yet a Confluence user?

You haven't heard about Atlassian Confluence so far? It's the best online, rich-text editor on the web, used by more than 13.500 customers in 100 countries. If you are interested in testing Atlassian Confluence, please feel free to contact us.

Try Scroll Viewport for Free with a 30-day eval.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at info@k15t.com