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Want to know how to transform your team’s simple Confluence workspace into a fully-featured documentation solution? All you need is Scroll for Confluence.

Scroll is a Confluence-based solution which enables advanced documentation management and publishing functionality.

Where Confluence powers your team, Scroll powers your documentation.

Watch the webinar to learn how your team can use Scroll and Confluence together to empower your team and support your customers. (Or jump to specific features via the chapters below).


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Why Invest in Customer Education?

It’s not always obvious to know how to get customers to see the value in your products or services.

A great offering is a good start. But the secret sauce is having a good customer education strategy in place.

Customer education starts before customers even know about your offerings, and continues throughout the entire customer journey. Therefore it’s crucial to communicate value early, and at every single touch point.

You can do this by ensuring the right people at the right channels are empowered with the right information to help communicate the potential of your products and services.

Even though it may not be obvious, good documentation lies at the heart of your customer education strategy. For example:

  • Good marketing materials drive customers towards your products and services before they even know they need it.
  • Publishing a self-service documentation hub like a help center enables customers to onboard quickly and reliably on their own.
  • A knowledge base enables support teams to address customers' concerns efficiently and accurately which builds trust.

Align Your Team

Imagine the value you could deliver if everyone on your team could collaboratively create and build documentation that can then be shared with your customers across the different touch points.

To do this, you need a solution that can integrate knowledge from all the different areas, is customer-facing and also internally available.

That's where Scroll comes in.

A Single Solution for Confluence

Scroll is a documentation solution built for Confluence. The collection of Scroll apps enable you to provide advanced documentation management and publishing functionality.

Confluence forms the foundation for powerful content creation, organization and collaboration functionality. Then Scroll enables you to share your documentation by publishing it as a help center, PDF or Word files alongside advanced content management features like version, variant, and translation management.

Where Confluence powers your team, Scroll powers your documentation.

Together, they enable you to create a flexible, extensible solution to empower your team and support your customer education strategy.

Want to see Scroll in action?
Check out the demo portion of the webinar →

Publish Your Confluence Content as a Help Center

Once your team’s documentation has been written in Confluence, use Scroll Viewport to publish it as a fully customizable help center or knowledge base in a matter of minutes.

  • Customize it to fit your brand and add your own custom domain.
  • Restrict it to users of your choice or make it available publicly.
  • Customers can quickly find the information they need with site-wide search.
  • Integrate it with your help desk ticketing provider so customers can submit support tickets straight from your articles.
  • Connect it with analytics tools to understand how customers interact with your content.

Manage Versions, Variants, and Translations

Using Scroll Documents, you can manage versions, and create variants (conditional content) and translations of your documentation.

Managing versions

If you need to make older versions of your documentation available online, manage versions of your documentation in Confluence using Scroll Documents, then publish the versioned content to your help center. Customers can switch between versions using the version picker on your help center.

Managing variants

If you have multiple tiers of your product – e.g. basic; standard; premium; enterprise – ensure the documentation for each tier caters to the needs of the customers who use it.

Manage conditional content at an article or paragraph level using Scroll Documents. For advanced variant management, install the extension - Variants for Scroll Documents.

Once conditional content has been published to your help center, send different customer groups to the documentation that fits their needs.

Managing translations

Managing multiple translations of your documentation in Confluence using Scroll Documents means you can cater to your ever-expanding, diverse customer base.

Use the app extension Translations for Scroll Documents to translate your documents into as many languages as you need.

Once published to your help center, you can send customers to documentation in their native language.

Export Your Content As PDF, Word, and HTML Files

In addition to publishing your documentation to an online help center, Scroll also enables you to export your documentation to offline formats like PDF, Word or HTML files using the Scroll Exporter apps.

This means that your team can deliver various offline assets to your customers, such as:

  • User guides

  • Developer manuals

  • Admin handbooks

  • Training materials

Create different templates to export Confluence content into completely customized PDF and Word files.

Leverage Scroll’s content management functionality to export different versions, variants and languages of your documentation.

Summary of the Scroll Solution

Scroll enhances core Confluence functionality to provide advanced documentation management and publishing functionality.

Scroll is scalable, secure and modular, which means your team can just install the apps required for the functionality you need.

Whether you’re interested in learning how Scroll can support your team with online or offline product documentation, team enablement material, or project and process documentation, see what Scroll can do for you.

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