Empowering Data Excellence: Shinydocs' Journey with the Scroll Apps and Confluence

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When it comes to data empowerment, Shinydocs emerges as a leader in reshaping the landscape of data management for teams across the world. Shinydocs is on a mission to redefine how companies make use of their data by empowering enterprises to unlock insights, make informed decisions, and ignite meaningful change. 

Joining forces with K15t's Scroll Apps for Confluence, Shinydocs embarked on a journey to transform their documentation and customer enablement in order to better serve their customers.

Enabling Success through Effective Documentation

The Shinydocs platform helps customers with everything from data privacy and enterprise search, to content classification, migration, and much more. With so much information to cover, the Enablement and Documentation team has their work cut out for them.

Their mandate? To enhance internal enablement and customer empowerment by streamlining content processes and delivery. To do this, they deliver a number of resources and support a variety of teams and processes:

  • Technical Documentation: The team spearheads the management and improvement of the company's technical documentation and help portal using Confluence and the Scroll Apps.

  • Learning Content: They also curate learning content and courses for the Shinydocs Academy, and align the customer enablement experience across all resources.

  • Sales and Client Engagement Support: Beyond documentation, the team supports the sales and client engagement teams, ensuring a seamless flow of information and understanding.

The Shinydocs Workflow with the Scroll Apps: A Paradigm Shift in Documentation

Shinydocs transitioned from a quarterly waterfall release cycle to an agile methodology, which reshaped their documentation workflow. Collaborating closely with product managers and developers, the team now embraces a dynamic process:

  1. Agile Collaboration: Aligning with development cycles, the team collects input from the product managers, developers, and Jira tickets, ensuring precise, up-to-date content.

  2. Streamlined Release Notes: Prior to each release, the team promptly publishes release notes using Scroll Viewport, offering users immediate insight into updates.

  3. Efficient Updates: Within a week, they refine topics affected by changes, ensuring these updates are reflected in a new version of the documentation that is saved and managed with Scroll Documents.

  4. Seamless User Access: With a new version in place, Scroll Viewport delivers polished, intuitive pages on the help portal, enhancing user experience and enabling customers at every touchpoint.

What Made Shinydocs Choose the Scroll Apps for Confluence?

Atlassian Confluence already served as the central hub for information at Shinydocs, facilitating collaboration, procedures, onboarding, and release planning. This made it a great base for creating and collaborating on technical documentation, and with budgets and timing to consider, it was the pragmatic approach the team really needed:

In the end, the Scroll Apps for Confluence won out as the solution for Shinydocs, beating other costly and complex alternatives they explored like DITA- or XML-based editors, a new CCMS, and more.

The Scroll App Advantage: Shinydocs' Favorite Features

With the new Shinydocs portal in place, they were able to refine their content presentation and accessibility. Here are a few Scroll Apps features that stand out to the team:

  1. Theming Made Easy: Customization is a breeze, and gives the Shinydocs' documentation portal a personalized touch.

  2. Embedded Help Widget: A simple, yet powerful integration between Scroll Viewport and the Shinydocs Academy that ensures users have seamless access to FAQs without ever needing to leave the context of the Academy.

  3. Organize Page Tree: Scroll Documents offers intuitive, organic structuring of Confluence pages, helping to enhance clarity about where content is and how it’s reused across the entire instance.

  4. Effortless PDF Generation: Scroll PDF Exporter is a team favorite. It’s so easy for everyone to create templates, and the app has saved the team hours of time and replaced manual workflows with automated efficiency.

  5. Clean URLs: Scroll Viewport's clean URLs replaced the standard convoluted strings of numbers, making it easier for both the team and users to understand what pages are about and how to navigate the site.

  6. The Scroll Apps Enablement: The Shinydocs team appreciates the apps' ease of use, the clear documentation that enables them along the way, and the responsiveness and transparency of the K15t support team for when additional help is ever needed.

Paving the Path for Shinydocs' Data Evolution

As Shinydocs forges ahead into a data-driven future, the Scroll Apps will be there to enable their customers and team at every step. Are you looking to streamline content creation and elevate your customer enablement like Shinydocs?

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