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We've been building products for over 10 years now and Confluence has been our reliable base for help documentation since the very beginning. The collaborative nature of Confluence encourages everyone on our team to write, contribute, and build on one another's content, making it easy to create and publish the best possible documentation for our users. 

But the more our team writes in Confluence, the harder it becomes to keep content consistent and enforce our company standards for style and terminology. Even a smaller team like ours still struggles to maintain a consistent quality level across our Confluence pages without dedicated proofreaders in the team.

We needed a solution, something that could save us time and ease the proofreading process by helping authors catch common mistakes and flag oversights as they write.

That's where Scroll Content Quality comes in.

Scroll Content Quality for Confluence Cloud

Scroll Content Quality for Confluence helps you create and maintain quality content at scale.

Create custom rules that check Confluence pages for spelling, terminology, capitalization, macro usage, and more. Configure rules to warn writers when their pages contain mistakes or inaccuracies and suggest replacements or alternatives. Create rules to: 

Enforce Terminology and Style

Most teams have a collection of writing conventions they encourage their teams to follow – if you don't, you should! Our team follows our K15t Documentation Style Guide which we plan to publish and share with our audiences later this year.

Scroll Content Quality helps enforce your company's standards for style and terminology to ensure your team writes in a clear, uniform and inclusive way in Confluence. Set up text replacement rules to help:

  • Unify the spelling of terms, for example: Jira vs. JIRA or font-end vs. frontend.
  • Encourage inclusive language, for example: allowlist / blocklist instead of whitelist / blacklist, or suggest more gender-neutral pronouns. 

Content Quality Report in Confluence

The rules can even be flexibly configured to account for both severity and scope to help the writer understand the urgency of the oversight and make changes quickly. 

Maintain Formatting and Catch Oversights

Let's face it, most folks aren't great at proofing their own Confluence pages – we struggle too! Mistakes happen and guidelines are sometimes hard to follow, but that shouldn't mean extra work for the rest of your team. 

Scroll Content Quality helps enforce your team's formatting standards by creating rules to: 

  • Check capitalization: Configure rules that check for title or sentence casing in various contexts like heading levels and paragraph styles.
  • Check links and images: Check for broken or dead links in Confluence pages and ensure images contain accessible and descriptive alt text.

Maintain Formatting in Confluence

Control Macro Usage

Confluence macros bring valuable variety and flexibility to your Confluence pages, but sometimes it's necessary for teams to control the use of certain macros or restrict them altogether. 

Scroll Content Quality enables you to:

  • Control which macros can be used in Confluence pages, for example: Allow only admonition macros, do not allow code snippet macros.
  • Allow or block macros with certain parameter values, for example: Block code snippet macros if the language parameter is set to C#. 

A Seamless Extension of Confluence: Built on Atlassian's Forge Platform 

Built with trust and security in mind, Scroll Content Quality is one of the very first apps launched on Atlassian's Forge platform!

This new cloud development platform offers best-in-class security for app users and enables us to deliver a seamless experience that extends the power of Confluence Cloud. 

Try It Free

We're excited to release a free beta version of Scroll Content Quality to the Atlassian Marketplace. We hope it brings as much value to your team as it has to ours!

Available as a free beta on the Atlassian Marketplace.
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Offer Feedback

In this early beta phase, we're eager to hear feedback and requests for how to improve the app. If you have ideas for new rules or other ways the app can help enforce your content standards, let us know! Reach out to with your suggestions.