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Tekom/TCWorld 2018 is a great place to learn all about the latest international technical documentation trends. More than 4500 international attendees visited the world's biggest techcomm conference. 

The K15t team attended for the 9th time. This year, to present our documentation solution, Enlite

Our Tekom Mission?

Our mission this year was to find out what problems technical writers are facing in their everyday work and learn how we can improve their processes. 

We talked to a lot of people. Thanks so much if you were one of them! 

Static Tools Still Bother Technical Writers' Workflows

Many technical writers admitted they're still (forced to) use Microsoft Word. Even a lot of the students told us their professors only want to use Word. Understandably unhappy, many visitors were interested in other available solutions. From standard software to oldschool-always-been-there-market leaders, you can find it all at Tekom. We're excited to see all the interest you showed about our documentation tool, but more on that later. Back to the big problems of our (technical writing) time: 

  • Feedback rounds take too much time. Nowadays, no technical writer is creating documentation on their ownInstead, many experts from different teams are included who support tech writers through the writing process.

  • Teamwork with important stakeholders seems complicated and laborious, even though most technical writers work in small teams with up to 10 people. Out of 57 survey participants, 27 said getting input and feedback from the team was their biggest disruptive factor. This statement is independent from the tool they were working with. Participants were users of quite different documentation solutions - from simple word processors to complex systems.

  • The process of exporting a finished article into the required format such as PDF, HTML, or DOC file takes way too much time. 

Check out the detailed results below.

Collaborative, Easy-to-Export, Affordable

The solution to these problems is called Enlite – our collaborative documentation software based on Atlassian Confluence. We developed it especially for technical documentation teams as a powerful combination of Confluence and our Scroll Translations, Scroll Versions and Scroll Exporters apps. Combined with services and support it's a "ready to use" solution for technical writers ready to work like professionals. 

The difference in efficiency of Microsoft Word and Enlite is huge: Like the time saved when editing collaboratively and commenting on hundreds of pages of technical documentation or when exporting to a PDF, HTML or DOC file with only one click. 

Want to know more? Get in touch for a free trial of Enlite - our collaborative documentation solution for technical writing. 

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