New CMS Study is out - with Confluence and Scroll Add-ons

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The new (German) Content Management System study of tekom compares wiki-based documentation using Confluence combined with Scroll content management add-ons with 17 traditional content management systems for technical documentation.

The authors Dr. Daniela Straub und Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler provide practical advice to technical communicators and information managers to choose the right content management platform.

We at K15t are proud to see Confluence (in combination with our Scroll add-ons) included in the study.

As Confluence's strengths are in collaboration and in its intuitive user interface, the wiki's outstanding extensibility is crucial to get content management and single-source publishing features that go beyond Confluence's default re-use and export capabilities.

The Confluence add-ons from K15t are covering typical use cases throughout the whole technical documentation content lifecycle:

The study, written in German, can be purchased directly from tekom.

If you need the advice from the study in English or have any questions regarding wiki-based documentation with Atlassian Confluence, and the Scroll add-ons by K15t, please let us know at