Managing Content Quality in Confluence with Scroll Versions (Video)

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To ensure the best quality of all your documentation, it is important to track the status of each page so only approved pages are published. This is essential for technical documentation.

Confluence has no native workflow management, however, in addition to duplicate pagetitles and concurrent version support, Scroll Versions includes a basic workflow feature. You can track the progress of each page from Draft to Publish. The screencast at the end of this post provides an overview of Scroll Versions Workflow Management.

Scroll Versions workflow includes three page states:

  • Draft: An author is still working on the page. When the author has finished the edits they can Submit the page. The page is then in the Review state, ready for a check check from a topic expert.
  • Review: A topic expert can review the change and Approve or Reject it. If the expert gives their OK and approves the page, it is set to Complete. If the author decides to change the content of the page, it can be rejected to return to Draft. 
  • Complete: The change has been approved by the topic expert. If the page requires edits, the topic expert can Restart it to set to the page to Draft again.

The following diagram shows the workflow process in detail:

Once all pages are in Complete state the space can be published β€“ either within the current space or to a new space.

Workflow management is an optional feature. When you set up your space, you can choose to activate workflow management or not.

The status of each page is displayed in the publish screen. If you are satisfied with the status, you can publish the latest version to make it accessible to your readers.


Pages in Draft status can be published. In Scroll Versions 1.2, workflow management and the publish process will be connected to prevent publication of Draft pages.

Watch the Screencast

Have a look at our latest Scroll Versions screencast to see workflow management in detail in 1:56:

What's Next?

We are still improving the workflow management feature to add:

  • The connection to the publish process so that you can publish a specific version only if all pages are in the Complete status.
  • The ability to create custom workflows. You can then rename the states or create your own states.

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