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Who are you, and what do you do at K15t?

My name is Shannon Meehan. I'm from Baltimore, USA and I've been with K15t since 2017.

My role at K15t is primarily in apps marketing, so my job is to present our apps across all the channels where Altassian users are looking for new solutions. I manage marketing campaigns that include writing blog posts, planning and sponsoring events, hosting webinars, and creating other engaging content for the Atlassian ecosystem. 

How did you hear about the job at K15t & what made you apply? 

When I was looking for a position, I knew I wanted to work in the Atlassian ecosystem because it's just a really interesting space to be in right now. Then when I found K15t, what stood out to me was that the people and the work culture seemed really different compared to any company I'd seen before. 

I was still living in the US when I first made contact with K15t. At first, there wasn't a position that suited me, but eventually they reached out and said: "hey, we've got something perfect for you." So I moved to Stuttgart shortly after, and I've been here ever since!

What makes working at K15t special? 

What makes K15t different is that we all have this collective mindset that we want to improve. K15t has some core values that we take very seriously. One of them is 'Make Great Better' – and it's not just in what we provide to our customers, but also in the way we work with each other and in our culture. We're always trying to do better, which I think is really important. 

The open approach to work and the honesty we have within our teams is also really unique. I always feel like I'm heard and that I'm an important member the team. There's a cohesiveness when I work with other team members, we're all working towards the same goal and we all accept each other no matter what position we have or what background we come from. I think that's cool.

As an American, I never feel like I'm alone in being someone from a different country. I'm not an outlier because we have so many people from different backgrounds from all over Germany and across the world. I definitely feel at home here. 

What impact does the K15t culture have on your work?

The collective mindset of improvement we have makes me really enthusiastic about the work I'm doing.

I think this comes across to our customers as well, that we don't just care about the apps that we sell or the services we provide. We actually use and rely on the Atlassian tools in the same ways that our customers do.

Before K15t, I had never really used Confluence, Jira or Trello before, but these tools have completely changed the way I approach work, especially for managing my projects and marketing campaigns. And as a team, we're constantly trying new and unique ways to use the tools and we share these learnings with the Atlassian community to help make other teams just as successful. 

What's your best memory of working at K15t?

The moment that changed it for me and made me realize K15t is really special was when we had to embark on a project to get something new and exciting produced for our biggest event of the year – Atlassian Summit. Instead of making the decision in a small group, our CEO opened it up to the whole company. He said: "We want to hear everyone's ideas and input and we'll vote on it as a group. Then we will carry that decision on, form a team to get it done, and that will be the next big thing!"

That was when I experienced what it really means to work in a self-managed organization where everyone can really lead and contribute.

Enough about work, what do you do in your free time? 

I have my own group of German friends here, which is great. But I actually think it's cool that so many of the people here at K15t are my friends outside of work as well. We do everything together, we go on ski trips, host poker nights, go for drinks after work, and go to events around the city. So we're not just colleagues who see each other in the office, we're also just friends who enjoy each other's company.

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