All About Usability: Scroll ImageMap vs. ImageMap Macro for Confluence

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K15t Software recently released Scroll ImageMap 2.0 – a handy Confluence add-on that allows users to add multiple links to images in Confluence, effectively turning them into interactive information hubs. Previous versions of the add-on, available under the name 'ImageMap Macro', also allowed users perform this task. But "handling" (otherwise known as user experience) was a bit bumpy. The Scroll team at K15t Software has made some major improvements regarding the add-on's usability. You don't need to take our word for it though, seeing is believing. Let's have a look:

Change #1: Adding an image to map

Step 1

Insert ImageMap Macro

Insert Scroll ImageMap Macro
Step 2Edit macro to choose imageDirectly choose image
Step 3

Define image dimensions

(if you don't know the exact size you need to access the image's properties)


Change #2: Mapping an image

Step 1

Insert Map Macro

Choose shape of link, draw it (adjust if needed)
Step 2Define link (internal or external)Define link (internal or external & whether it should open in same/external window)
Step 3Choose shape of link regionAdd tooltip text
Step 4

Define region coordinates

(if you don't know the exact coordinates you need to utilize another tool to access this information e.g. Photoshop, Gimp)

To add more links, repeat Step 1 to 3
Step 5Add tooltip text-
Step 6To add multiple links, repeat Step 1 to 5-

Is it worth it?

We think Scroll ImageMap 2.0 gives you a much better experience when adding links to images in Confluence than the old ImageMap Macro. But that's just our opinion. In the end, ImageMap users have to judge for themselves whether Scroll ImageMap 2.0 is an improvement upon its predecessors. To make this easier we're offering existing ImageMap users a 50% discount on the upgrade to Scroll ImageMap for a limited time.

So try it our, and please let us know what you think!

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Thank you to EladeManu on Flickr for the image.