Break Down Your JIRA Boundaries - Backbone Issue Sync is Live

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Bridge the information gap and collaborate on projects across departmental and B2B borders – Backbone Issue Sync for JIRA is available now in the Atlassian Marketplace. Backbone keeps you and your partners talking about the same things at the same time with automated issue synchronization between JIRA projects. It has the power to change how you use JIRA. Register for a webinar on May 4th at 11am Europe Central Time and learn all about this powerful new add-on.

Built for Enterprise From Day One

Backbone began three years ago as a professional services project to enable some of the biggest players in Germany's auto industry to collaborate using JIRA. When the project proved highly successful, the development team at K15t decided to expand the tool into a publicly-available add-on. Cross-JIRA issue synchronization can be a complex thing, and our aim was to not only make it possible – but to make it easy. A great deal of time and care was taken in developing Backbone's architecture and user interface. The goal was for users to be able to get their issue sync integrations off the ground rapidly without sacrificing the flexibility of the tool, and after extensive iteration and testing we're proud to say something great has been achieved.

Lift With Your Backbone

Configuring Backbone is remarkably simple. The first time you launch it, you'll be given a tour of the UI (always repeatable if desired), and from there you can jump right in – no developer or JIRA-ninja skills are necessary. You can configure your integration with fine-grained detail, mapping issue types, fields, and workflows, as well as enabling attachment and comment synchronization. You can also choose to have enriched content for your comment sync, using a velocity template to display additional information about each comment. And if you want to go deeper into customizing Backbone's behavior, a wealth of advanced options are at your disposal.

See It in Action

Sign up below and get a close-up look at the power of Backbone, guided by the team that built the add-on. 

Ready to Roll

Ready to get collaborating with Backbone? It's available on the Atlassian Marketplace at 50% off limited-time Launch Pricing – or try it for free.